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Normus 09-03-2012 06:31 PM

I bought a 95 Wrangler Rio Grande. The seller wanted 1400, I talked him down to 900! Almost a steal. It has a early 2000 era 318 Magnum engine and larger tires. (I haven't measured them as of yet.) I bought it as a project car, and have already gotten started diagnosing the various little things that are wrong with it. So far, I have replaced the fuel pump. I have noticed that the speedometer does not work, but the RPM gauge does. Upon further investigation, the speedometer cable appears to be missing.

Assuming I order one and install it, will this fix the problem, or could it be something else, in addition to the missing cable?

Driving it around my field, I have decided it needs a Frame Tensioner of some kind. I have had difficulty in finding one.

Can anyone recommend something?

Also the tires exceed the coverage provided by the existing flares, and I cant seem to find any extended ones, does anyone know where to find extended flares?


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