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b0b 09-07-2012 10:42 AM

Winterizing my TJ (Illinois)
We've had an insane summer for all us jeep owners in illinois, but now we're in september its time to think about colder weather. This will be my first winter with the TJ and I'd like all your advice about keeping it in good condition - as I'm sure anyone knows, Illinois loves to throw down the salt and I'm told its kryptonite for Jeeps;

so (a) should I undercoat/protect the underside somehow .... I'm not mechanically inclined, is there a place that would do it and what do I ask?

(b) do I anally powerwash the underside of the jeep if I've been out in the salt, or just best to avoid the salt and (urgh!) use the "minivan"

any other tips for me?

Jerry Bransford 09-07-2012 12:14 PM

Ha yeah I'd avoid road salt at all costs, drive the minivan. I'd much rather have a corroded minivan than a corroded Jeep.

kyjeep 09-07-2012 12:40 PM

First of all anally power washing is going to leave it brown and stinky so don't do that. LOL. Second, it's Kryptonite to the inside of the frame rails which you need to attempt to rust proof anyway if you haven't done so already. The tub and fenders are easily washed but the inside of the frame not so much. If you don't mind driving another ride then do it. It will make the Jeep last a lot longer.

b0b 09-07-2012 12:46 PM

Ok looks like I'm going to "enjoy" the minivan some (double urgh) this winter. Rookie question :- how do I rust proof the inside of the frame rails and/or see if the PO did it already, which is unlikely since the TJ spent the first few years of its life in CA.

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