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StealthAWD 05-16-2008 06:57 PM

Seating for 5?
I have a wife and 3 kids that I would want to throw in the Jeep to head to the beach on occasion and wondered if the only way to do that was to get an Unlimited? Is the Unlimited the only Wrangler that has seating for 5?

StealthAWD 05-16-2008 07:02 PM

Searched and found the answer is yes - sorry for the posting.

cherokee980 05-16-2008 07:14 PM

Glad we could help!

08fun 05-17-2008 07:16 AM

i bot an 08 sahara unlimited; tried the 2 door with only 2 of the kids - aint happening! 4 door is great!

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