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ricci427 05-19-2008 11:10 AM

Half doors, soft upper question
Hi guys,

I have a 2003 sahara, soft top only, with half doors, and soft uppers.
As i'm sure happens on a lot of these after some use the zippers are totally busted on my drivers side. The passenger side is hardly ever used.

I have searched and searched, and seems you can only buy pairs at around 300 bucks, does anyone know of anyone who supplies sells just the drivers side. Or even if ayone kows of a member with some used ones for sale, colour is khaki.

If I have to buy a new pair, I may by the ones with the glass sliders, anyone ever used them, are they better or worse than the standard plastic zipper ones, I heard they do reduce road noise when driving. The slider costs about 400, and I'd like to know if its worth it before buying them.


slf41002 05-19-2008 11:32 AM

I have the sliders on mine and like them real well.The only down fall to them is the amount of space or the size of the opening.Because of the windows slideing from side to side you only get half the opening you did with the zipper windows.But all in all I wouldn't go back to the zipper type they are a PITA to open and close all the is a set of soft uppers for around $120 on ebay.They aren't the right color but if you look you can find them for a lot less than $300.I just sold my soft uppers with frame and all boith for I think $130.
heres another and another Your color is a little harder to find but I am sure you can contact one of those seller and they can fix you up for the same price listed there.

ricci427 05-19-2008 11:59 AM

slf...thanks for the note, I spent all day yesterday trawling through E-bay, seeing all the listings in anything but khaki, the first link you posted I had seen and was actually thinking about getting in touch, because they look like khaki to me rather than spice, could be listed wrong.
I was also thinking about less arm space on the sliders, but I guess the positives outway the single negative.

debruins 05-19-2008 04:24 PM

who zippers em anyway!, stop for literally three seconds pop them out and throw them in the back seat!
quicker then messing with the zippers, more open, dont have a plastic thing on your lap, looks cooler, and WAAYYY easier to put back in!

KBR97 05-19-2008 05:12 PM

what about bringing them to a upholstery shop, they could probably fix the zippers, or replace them for cheaper then buying doors.
I'd look into it before buying new ones...wont hurt.

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