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caposto 09-14-2012 02:19 PM

Dana 35 Longer Wheel Studs
I'm not having much luck searching the message boards or internet for information on longer wheel studs for my '91 YJ with the Dana 35C rear end. I'm running Weld Super Single 15x8 wheels and the stock rear studs only provide a few turns of thread exposure. I haven't had any issues as-is, however, its a problem that I want to solve. I see many others with the same issue so I'd like to start this thread to be the definitive source for options and solutions since it doesn't exist elsewhere.

The stock wheel stud specs are:
Mopar part number: 83503053
Thread: 1/2-20
Overall length: 1-15/32" or 1.46875"
Knurl diameter: .618"
Shoulder or Knurl length: 31/64" or .484375"
Stud type: Serrated press-in stud
Alt OE part numbers: Dorman 97000 or 610-364; Omix-Ada 16714.08 or 83503053

I've got the stock axle and brake setup and I'm not looking to change that. What I'm looking for is longer wheel studs with the same stock spec except for longer overall length, say 2" to 2-1/2" or so.

I've seen one suggestion that recommends Dorman 610-449 but those are .627" knurl diameter and admittedly tough to get on and the shoulder/knurl length is longer @ 11/16" or .6875" so I'm wondering if that causes a problem with the drums or seating of the wheel since the shoulder/knurl diameter is larger (.627") than the stud and would stick out of the drum more being longer. I'm sure some compromise to the stock specs would be ok, like .620" knurl diameter or 1/2" shoulder/knurl length, so let us know your thoughts, suggestions, or experience.

I've also emailed Dorman directly asking them to cross-reference the stock stud specs and provide a suitable longer alternative, but nothing back from them yet.

Please refrain from providing useless respones like: "Get a new axle - The Dana 35C is a piece of junk" or "Get wheels that fit the stock studs" since I'm happy with my setup as-is. I'm just looking for a solution for longer wheel studs. Wheel spacers won't work either since the wheel offset is correct with these Weld wheels and spacers would compromise that.

Thanks :thumb:

rykemc 09-14-2012 02:33 PM

What I did for mine was remove one of the wheel studs and just took it to my local parts store. Couple of minutes looking through their wheel studs and I found one that would work. Might try that. Or just get another axle cause the D35 is a POS :)

caposto 09-14-2012 09:55 PM

Haha! Thanks Rykemc. I will also try to go down to the local parts stores and machine shops with the specs and see what I can find. I don't want to take any of them off unless I have a replacement so I'm trying to get a definative part number and source someone has had success with. There is also a specialy nut and bolt shop I'll try too and post what I find. Thanks for the reply.


Originally Posted by rykemc (Post 2792633)
What I did for mine was remove one of the wheel studs and just took it to my local parts store. Couple of minutes looking through their wheel studs and I found one that would work. Might try that. Or just get another axle cause the D35 is a POS :)

Timberwolf 09-14-2012 10:24 PM

how about these:

caposto 09-16-2012 12:24 PM

These look like a possible option. Based on the specs they'd be .343" longer which helps some. The shoulder/knurl length is .1094" shorter which might be too short for the drums to sit on.

caposto 10-18-2012 04:25 PM

Here's what I'm going with:

Dorman: 610-379
Thread: 1/2-20 [same as stock]
Overall length: 1-15/16" or 1.9375" [+0.46875" or +15/32" to stock]
Knurl diameter: .620" [+0.002" to stock]
Shoulder or Knurl length: 19/32" or 0.59375" [+0.109375" or +7/64" to stock]
Stud type: Serrated press-in stud [same as stock]

These will give me an add'l almost half inch which will certainly help. The knurl diameter is +0.002" but that shouldn't be a problem. I've read where others have jammed a 0.627" stud in which is +0.009" so I'm sure I'll be fine between the wear/rust and impact of taking the original ones off. I think the drums will fit over them just fine as well. The add'l shoulder length of +0.1094" was a concern, but I verified the wheel holes are large enough to fit the knurl diameter (and plenty of room to spare) so they won't effect the installation or seating of the wheels. There will just be a bit more unthreaded portion of the stud coming through the drums which I'll never reach with my lug nuts.

When I get a chance to do this job, I'll post pics before and after to show the impact in case anyone in the future has the same problem. Hopefully I won't have any issues to speak of!

harleydragon 10-18-2012 04:54 PM

pull one and take it to napa

caposto 10-18-2012 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by harleydragon (Post 2903734)
pull one and take it to napa

No problem. I ordered the ones I need. I didn't want to pull one and try to match it up by sight or get "these should work" alternatives. I needed the specs. I actually got a new stock one (so I didn't have to remove one) to compare to, but I can't tell the difference between .618" and .627" and not all the packages and bins in the auto stores have all the specs on them.

Anyway, just posting what I'm finding in case its useful for others.

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