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juspimpin 05-23-2008 06:03 PM

Super 44 and new speedo gear
This week I got my Super 44 installed (purch and installed for 110). It is quieter than I thought it would be but I am happy with it. If it were as loud as the super 40 on my truck, my wife would have hated it. She likes the little rumble it adds so it was a sucessful install. I could make it louder by removing some of the tailpipe but I am happy as is.

Also, after more than 2 months of waiting, my new speedo gear came in to the local jeep dealership. 22 with tax, not bad. Had to install it twice...DO NOT forget to rotate it when reinstalling. I even thought there was more to it when I installed it the first time. Tach worked but speedo did not. Another 7 minutes and I had it right. It is a much different jeep when the speedo is correct!!! Feels faster now that speedo moves faster. It was off by 25% or so... Old 36T gear for sale...$ for sale section as well...

Still working on the new top...maybe this weekend!

Rock on...

Triple88a 05-24-2008 11:44 AM

I cut my tail pipe right after the hanger. It was a tiny bit louder and sounded nicer.

and the other pipe is my new pipe that i'm running now.

Vector6 05-24-2008 12:21 PM

so your selling your old used speedo gear for $26 when a new one is $22 ?

thats the American way !.. :appl:

juspimpin 05-24-2008 04:44 PM


Originally Posted by Vector6 (Post 231912)
so your selling your old used speedo gear for $26 when a new one is $22 ?

thats the American way !.. :appl:

Close, $25 (see above) and if you looked into classifieds, it comes shipped for that....and no you can't have it:flipoff:

Some peoples' kids:rolleyes:

Is the new pipe louder as well?

Vector6 05-26-2008 10:34 AM

ahhh... here it is..... BUMP FOR SELLER :flipoff:

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