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Dusty Rhodes 09-17-2012 09:03 AM

Afterthoughts: sold my CJ-5
After more than 20 years, I sold my CJ this weekend. It was not a happy time but I no longer can store it inside and the summer has been harsh on it. It was an original V6 oddfire that I had converted to a compound low transmission. I had taken it on the Rubicon twice while we were living in the California Bay Area.

I used it to fish the Truckee River and explore the Tahoe National Forrest fire trails.

It went to a nice guy who plans to maintain it, and not make it into a "Rock Krawler".

I could no longer maintain it. No room and most importantly, I am starting to slow down in my retirement and though I cant believe it, I have other interests.

Part of the problem is my '06 Rubicon. It will go down trails that are twice as hard, with half the effort. It is really forgiving if I dont pick the right line. Driving it on trails I have been down on the 5, I continue to be amazed.

I will miss the old 5 though. I knew ever nut and bolt on it. It was a faithful friend on many trails. It got off to a good start because the new owner drove it 75 miles to his home.

Parts are getting hard to find and expensive. The new owner filled up the trunk of his wife's Honda with spares and I have more I have to dig out of deep storage.

I kept the factory side steps. They are worth a small fortune.

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