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KBR97 05-24-2008 09:02 PM

Tub liner question....
i did a search but didnt find an answer to my question.

Has anyone done the herculner and done it in a two step process...meaning do the back half of the vehicle, and then the front. What I would like to do is remove the rear seat, tape off a straight line across and then prep and line the rear half. And then over the next few days or so work on the front half. My jeep is my only vehicle and I cant really have it tied up for more than a day if I dont have to.

Another question...the front passenger floor has some rust, so I was thinking maybe POR 15 would be a better choice to do the whole tub, anybody do this instead of bed liner products. I know POR 15 is tough as hell and is one of the best rust treatment and pevention products on the market.

spanky 05-29-2008 11:32 PM

well im going to tackle this very thing on saturday. (05/31/08)
i dont know why it will take a "few days or so work on the front half"

from what ive read, AFTER all the prep work was done, you can do the whole tub in less than a day.

but to answer your question, i really dont see why your idea of doing in sections wont work. you MIGHT be able to see where you left off and did one half, then the other half... but if its covered by seats and such, no one will know but you.

to answer your 2nd question, no. ive had no experience with POR15. i think that if you prep that rust spot correctly, the herculiner should adhere.

also i think that the POR15 option would be much more $$ than the herculiner option.
guess it depends on what youre looking for, and how much you wanna spend

ct-tj 05-30-2008 09:26 AM

Take out the seats and hardware, wire wheel it. Put your seat back in, and do your thing. When ya get back take the seat out, acetone, then roll it. The application only takes 4 or 5 hours for 3 coats. Put her in the sun to speed the drying process. Thats how I did mine. I say wait for the weekend so you have plenty of time. Also, if that stuff gets on anything itll never come off so keep that in mind. Acetone takes it off of your skin if ya get it before it starts setting up. Good luck.

KBR97 06-01-2008 12:29 AM

so how did it com out spanky?

...been thinking about it and Ill just man up and do it in one shot. Out of the whole floor theres only rust on the front passenger. I'm gonna treat that to a light coat of the POR15 (i hve a small 6oz can). Then I'll herculine the whole floor.

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