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xtsniper0 05-26-2008 12:12 AM

throwing code, running poorly
hi i own a 1997 jeep wrangler tj 2.5l 4 cyl, i recently put a rebuilt engine in fuel pump, to put it short pretty much everything, the past few months my jeep has been running pretty bad , if i let it set for a few days it will run for about 4 miles start backfiring sputttering dieing out, i blew out 2 mufflers already(thank god for lifetime warranty mufflers) ha ha but im getting extremely fed up with this , now a few months ago my computer went bad and i got one from a local junk yard, however this problem occured before i got the new cpu. im throwing codes for throttle positioning sensor doesnt agree with map sensor? and an bad 02 code. ive hcanged the tps numerous times also new plug, wires, distributer the whole shabang and it still continues to do this. sometimes it will run good for a period then start acting up i dont know what else could be throwing this code any help or ideas would be helpful thank you

distortedtj 05-26-2008 12:20 AM

cam position sensor? ........Is the timing correct?

xtsniper0 05-26-2008 12:23 AM

im pretty the timing is correct, and i replaced the cam sensor

xtsniper0 05-26-2008 11:45 AM

ok the codes it is throwing ARE 12, 21, 24 ,55

parrot head 05-26-2008 12:37 PM

I don't know about the codes, but the symptoms sould like it could be a bad coil.

xtsniper0 05-26-2008 01:02 PM

thats already been replaced also like i said this is very puzzling to me , it will be ok for a little bit and then all of a sudden sputttering backfiring dieing out, i mean i think the computer could be bad but i dotn want to go buy a new one and waste 300 dollars

Ripcord 05-26-2008 01:05 PM

I thought this may be helpful!!!

Code Description
  • No crank reference signal detected during engine cranking.
  • Intermittent loss of either camshaft or crankshaft position sensor.
  • CKP sensor target windows have too much variation.

12 Direct battery input to PCM was disconnected within the last 50 Key-on cycles.

13 No difference recognized between the engine MAP reading and the
barometric (atmosphere) pressure reading from start-up.

  • MAP sensor input above or below acceptable voltage.
  • 5 volt output to MAP sensor open.

15 No vehicle speed sensor signal detected during road load conditions.

  • Engine did not reach operating temperature within acceptable limits.
  • Engine does not reach 20 F. within 5 minutes with a vehicle speed
  • signal.

  • Upstream oxygen sensor response slower than minimum required
  • switching frequency.
  • Upstream oxygen sensor heating element circuit malfunction.
  • Downstream oxygen sensor heating element circuit malfunction.
  • Downstream oxygen sensor input voltage maintained above the normal
  • operating range.
  • Oxygen sensor voltage too low, tested after cold start. (Upstream or
  • Downstream)
  • Left oxygen sensor input voltage maintained above the normal
  • operating temperature.

22 Engine coolant temperature sensor above or below acceptable voltage.

23 Intake air temperature sensor input above or below acceptable

  • Throttle position sensor input above or below acceptable voltage.
  • TPS signal does not correlate to MAP sensor.

  • A shorted or open condition detected in one or more of the idle air
  • control motor circuits.
  • Actual idle speed does not equal target idle speed.

Injector 3, and/or 4, and/or 5, and/or 6 output driver does not respond
properly to the control signal.

  • An open or shorted condition detected in the A/C clutch relay circuit.
  • Insufficient or excessive vapor flow detected during evaporative
  • emission system operation.

An open or shorted condition detected in the duty cycle purge solenoid

  • An open or shorted condition detected in the Speed Control vacuum or
  • vent solenoid circuits.
  • Speed control switch input below the minimum acceptable voltage.
  • Relationship between engine speed and vehicle speed indicates no torque converter clutch engagement. (Auto. only).
  • An open or shorted condition detected in the torque converter part throttle unlock solenoid control circuit. (3 speed auto RH trans. Only).
  • Incorrect input state detected for the Park/Neutral switch. (Auto. only).

41 An open or shorted condition in the generator field control circuit.

  • An open or shorted condition detected in the auto shutdown relay
  • circuit.
  • An open condition detected in the ASD relay output circuit.
  • An open or shorted condition detected in the fuel pump relay control
  • circuit.
  • An open circuit between PCM and fuel gauge sending unit.
  • Circuit shorted to voltage between PCM and fuel gauge sending unit.
  • No movement of fuel level sender detected.

  • Peak primary circuit current not achieved with maximum dwell time.
  • Misfire detected in one or more cylinders 1 thru 6. (4 and 6 cyls.)

44 Battery temperature sensor in voltage above or below acceptable

46 Battery voltage sense input above target charging voltage during
engine operation.

47 Battery voltage sense input below target charging during engine
operation. Also, no significant change detected in battery voltage
during active test of generator output circuit.

A lean air/fuel mixture has been indicated by an abnormally rich
correction factor.

A rich air/fuel mixture has been indicated by an abnormally rich
correction factor.

53 PCM Internal fault condition detected.

54 No camshaft signal detected during engine cranking.

55 Completion of fault code display on Check Engine lamp.

Unsuccessful attempt to write to an EEPROM location by the PCM.

64 Catalyst efficiency below required level. (Same as code 72)

65 Power steering high pressure seen at high speed. (2.5L only)

72 Catalyst efficiency below required level. (Same as code 64)

77 Malfunction detected with poser feed to speed control servo solenoids.

How to display the codes:

1. Turn the ignition key On - Off - On - Off - On within 5 seconds

2.Count the number of times the check engine lamp on the dash flashes on and off.

The number of flashes represents the trouble code. There is a slight pause between the flashes representing the first and second digits of the code. Longer pauses separate individual two digit trouble codes.

Example: Lamp flashes 5 times, pauses, and flashes 5 more times. This indicates a code number 55. A code 55 will always be the last code to be displayed. This will indicate the end of all stored codes.

Also, the code numbers will be displayed on the vehicle's odometer. Each number will be displayed with a slight delay between numbers. Again, code 55 will always be the last code to be displayed.


The information obtained in this post was retrieved off (Insert Random Website Here). Any inaccurate statements viewed in this post are not the responsibility of the poster. Any heat brought upon said poster by another poster will receive!!!:flipoff:

xtsniper0 05-26-2008 01:10 PM

thanks but i already have seen that and i understand code 12 is nothing because i know i disconnected the battery to clear ocmputer and it ididtn work, the 24 one is the one i do not get i replaced the tps already and i dought 21 wit hthe 02 sensor would make it act up like this . i just wanna know anything i can try to fix this

Jerry Bransford 05-26-2008 02:03 PM

It sounds like you may have a vacuum leak at the intake manifold or where the exhaust manifold is bolted up.

xtsniper0 05-26-2008 02:43 PM

sounds plausible, i kno there is a small crack in the exhuasdt manifold but i dotn see how this would make it run crappy and throw these codes, but maybe it could be, so wut your saying is my gasket on the intake manifold or exhaust manifold is bad

Jerry Bransford 05-26-2008 04:02 PM

More likely one of them just isn't seated properly. Some fail to noticed the positioning studs or the manifold slipped out of position while the bolts were being inserted and tightened.

xtsniper0 05-26-2008 08:38 PM

well i guesss i will have to take all of them off and get a new exhuast manifold form the junkyard and put new gaskets on and see if that helps but would that throw the TPS code?

Jerry Bransford 05-27-2008 10:10 AM

Perhaps it's the MAP sensor that is picking up on the vacuum leak(s) which might be the cause of it not agreeing with the TPS sensor. I kinda doubt the TPS sensor is the cause of any of this. :)

hemmer 05-27-2008 08:25 PM

Your o2 sensor could be bad. try unplugging the upstream o2 sensor harness. Its before the cat. My 4 cyl would sputter and stall but after unplugging it, the jeep runs perfect. It throws a code but just because its unplugged. And i went from 15mpg up to 20.

achappy44 12-21-2008 08:41 AM

I had kinda the same problem and it ended up being a bad o2 sensor which i replaced new with a universal. took back the univ. and got a oe one 5 bucks more. if you replaced it new already it will have a year warranty. I replaced every sensor and intake exhaust gasket and exhaust manifold, before replacing the o2 which was the first thing I ever changed. good luck

randy and teri 03-08-2011 12:00 PM

you need to go back to the part where you said you are "pretty sure" the timing is correct. pretty sure isnt good enough. its either right or not. this sounds like a timing problem, so before throwing away a bunch of money on parts, be certain the timing is right. a minor adjustment of the timing is easy to do, costs nothing but time and can make a huge difference in how any engine runs.
once you are certain the timing is correct, clear your codes especially since its a different ecu. now you are starting fresh and can properly diagnose from there.

rrich 03-08-2011 12:24 PM

Be sure to check ALL the fuses, both under the dash and in the fuse/relay box under the hood.
The O2 heater and the MAP use the same voltage reference signal - and it's NOT on the ECM fuse.

If all are OK, then as Jerry said - very likely a manifold leaking problem. To verify, run at idle, spray GumOut carb cleaner - or preferably propane along the manifold/head seal, look for an RPM change. Also do it from underneath.

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