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btomcik 09-23-2012 07:59 PM

Jeep Jamboree - Gateway to the Cumberlands
Hi all. I'm going on my very first Jeep Jamboree next month to the Gateway to the Cumberlands, in Williamsburg, KY. I'm really excited about it. I have a couple questions for those of you experienced in trail rides.

-What should I bring with me on the trial? Tools, CB, tow strap, ?

-I unfortunately watched a bunch of YouTube videos of people rolling over their Wranglers. I'm terrified I'm going to roll mine, though I fully expect the JJ people will put me on a beginner trail. I'm not a moron or stupid driver so assuming I don't do anything totally contrary to proper off-roading method, is the possibility or reality of flipping over one's Wrangler strong on one of these Jamborees?


theheilis 09-26-2012 07:17 AM

We will be there too. This our fourth Jamboree but our first time to this one. It's pretty well listed on the Jeep Jamboree site of what is needed. A CB is very handy, tow points front an rear are a must, and a good tow strap with NO metal hooks is also good to have.
You may want to bring a couple of lawn chairs to sit in for lunch. Other things to take would be toilet paper, first aid kit, fire extingusher, small tool kit and a good spare tire. A good camera is a must also!

The trail guides will look at your Jeep at the inspection on Thursday and see what would be right for you. Just talk with them at the trail sign up and tell them your ability and what you would be expecting. The guides are really great and just follow what they tell you on the more difficult portion of the trail or if you feel you need someone to spot you up or over something you may need help on.

I'm sure if you stay on trails of nothing higher than a "5" rating you will be fine. I will more than likley do the same since I'm driving there from N/W Indiana and have to get back home too.

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