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the.hatter 09-24-2012 07:12 PM

Transfer Case bolt sheared, how screwed am I?
Hey all,

Was attempting to lower my transfer case, and had soaked the (6) original bolts with PB Blaster beforehand. The (3) bolts on the driver's side broke free and were turning fine, so I tried the (3) on the passenger side. They weren't coming free as easily, so I sprayed them again with PB Blaster and waited a few hours.

The front bolt on that side broke free and turned okay, but the middle bolt broke free and then BROKE! Sheared off about 1/4" below the bolt head.

I tightened all the other bolts I had loosened back to 35 ft-lbs, and think the Jeep will be okay driving with only (5) bolts instead of (6) (please correct me if this is a huge mistake!) - but what do I do about removing the sheared off bolt? Is it possible to do myself? Continued soaking with Blaster and then use an easy out?

Please help! Thanks!

surferbear 09-24-2012 07:33 PM

More PB blaster and an easy out would be my first attempt before taking more drastic measures such as heating up the area around the bolt with a torch and then using an easy out and if that didn't work, drilling out and re-tapping. But don't just take my advise, get more opinions first!
Good luck!

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