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maddmax91 05-31-2008 03:13 PM

still confused. hard top to soft top
i've been on the search for a Jeep for a bit now, and am still confused about one thing. What all do i need to do to get a soft top on a jeep that comes with a hard top? currently im looking at an 88 Laredo that comes with a hard top, which would be great during the Indiana winter, but with the summer here i would like to take that off and switch to a soft top so that i can take it off easier for drives to the beach.:cool: what all goes into switching from a hard to a soft? i know there are things i need to install, but what exactly? what kit should i buy, whats the deal with half doors, and are they always needed?

any more information about the switch would be greatly appreciated. i know there are plenty of threads about this on this site but the information is sometimes too spread out between threads.

thanks alot!

Triple88a 05-31-2008 03:56 PM

i have a tj so it might not be exact but my soft top has the frame, the door surrounds, windows and the top cloth. When you want to put on the hard top you have to remove the soft top door surrounds and the windows. The top cloth folds nicely above the "trunk". You put the hard top and you bolt it on to the jeep and secure it to the front window. It self has door surrounds so thats all you need. To put a soft top back on, you gotta remove the hard top and then install the soft top door surrounds and windows and then pull the top cloth from the trunk and clip it to the front. Thats it. Half doors are not needed. You can install a soft top on full doors and you can also do half doors on a hard top so..

cushtech 05-31-2008 11:17 PM

All you need to do is take the hard top off and buy a soft top. A Supertop from Bestop will work with your full doors as will some other tops. Lots of folks just pull the full doors off and run without them.

You'll need to install a windshield retaining bar, side rails, some brackets that attach between the windshield and the roll bar and the bows. Drilling is required and you'll also need some Torx bits.

See Bestop's instructions for the full scoop on what it's going to take to put one on a YJ.

New tops are not cheap but they show up on Craigslist often. Supertops are nice, take a look at them. Don't worry about half doors until you've owned a jeep for a while.

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