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compshooter 06-03-2008 01:50 PM

Short Fuse Moab Trip
Howdy Fellow Jeepers,

Short fuse Moab trip, Jun 7-15. Departing from 29 Palms (SoCal). If you are interested, please let me know.

Our schedule is flexible, so if we need to work with someone we can do so.

Times estimated are on the high side, will probably be less.

7 Jun: Travel
8 Jun: Travel and begin trail 46, Lockhart Basin. This trail begins well south of Moab, and ends near town. We are going to begin the trail early afternoon, camp on the trail, finishing the following day.
9 Jun: Finish trail 46, and do trail 45, Chicken Corner. This should put us in Moab to our accommodation's by mid-afternoon.
10 Jun: Relax, see the town, etc.
11 Jun: Trail 16, Metal Masher and trail 18, Bull Canyon. Should not be more than 6 hours to complete both trails. Dinner at the ranch with the gunfighters and the western show.
12 Jun: Trail 37, Top of the World (an extremely scenic, not hard trail) and trail 38, Rose Garden Hill. This is the final wheeling run and will probably take 7-9 hours to do both trails.
13 Jun: Whitewater rafting down the Green River or some other fun activity.
14 Jun: Travel home. Should be able to do it in a day, though a long day drive. If RV's go, we'll break it in to two day return trip.
15 Jun: Buffer day.

If you are interested in coming for the trip or even a part of the trip, please let one of us know. Recommend at least 33" tires and at least one locker. We are not doing the AWESOME :punk: Pritchett Canyon this time, all trails selected look very passable with only one locker and no vehicle damage. We try to avoid that damage thing.

Please consider joining us, though we will limit the group to a max of 5 vehicles in order to keep the group small (not that I see that as a problem right now).


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