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Jma20a 06-03-2008 04:04 PM

258ci engine
i have a guy interested in buying a 258ci engine form me. i am selling it because i have run out of time and money to finish my rebuilt project. it was in full working condition when i took it out about a year ago.

my question is how much should i charge?

Jma20a 06-03-2008 07:26 PM

its got 30,000 miles after the rebuild, and it was rebuilt at 180,000 if that is any help

jpdocdave 06-04-2008 07:19 AM

tough one, maybe $500

TXST8tj 06-04-2008 07:37 AM

i sold the 258 (fresh rebuilt) from my 1979 for $400 just a couple months ago. i think i originally had it listed for $600 or $500, had a few nibbles, and then dropped it to $400 and sold it in a couple days.

mine wasn't hooked up to anything so i couldn't prove that it ran well (it did though). i think if people could've seen/heard it running, it could've easily gotten $500 for it.

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