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Garyatk 10-02-2012 03:08 PM

Automatic headlights
The auto headlight feature in my new JEEP isn't working. Sometimes, with the setting on "Auto" the lights turn on, and then after driving a short distance they turn off. Most of the time, they just will not turn on. Has anyone else ever had this problem?:confused:

sandbaja 10-02-2012 07:44 PM

I presume it is dark when you describe the issue. It sounds like a bad sensor. You should be able to tape over it during the day to see how it reacts.

lexington01 10-02-2012 08:04 PM

It has to be pretty dark for mine to activate. Is it night time when this is happening to you?

blackbelt 10-02-2012 08:39 PM

Put your hand over the sensor to test.

scuba_steve 10-02-2012 08:43 PM

Mine work...but I wish they came on faster. It has to be well after sunset before they come on.

David M 10-02-2012 09:30 PM

The auto-headlights on our Jeep don't come on until it's way too dark, and for that reason I won't use or trust the feature. It just takes one vehicle that doesn't see you at dusk, to crash the party, so to speak.

Garyatk 10-03-2012 11:55 AM

I have tried everything. It is completely dark and I have duct taped over the sensor also. This morning I tapped the sensor a few times and they turned on. I tried it again after about 10 minutes and they would not go on. I have an appointment next week at a dealership so they can "try" and find the problem.
I always worry though if the dash has to be removed! Thanks all!

blackbelt 10-03-2012 06:22 PM

I am at a loss. Call your dealer.

Raz65 10-08-2012 10:20 PM

I have the same problem on my 2012. Had it to the dealer once and they couldn't make it act up. Most of the time they don't work now so I'll have them look when I take it in for the next oil change.

As far as adjusting the threshold that they turn on, why not partly cover the sensor with some electical tape?

rod3mex 11-06-2012 04:49 PM

Auto Headlights
I have a '13 JK Unlimited Sahara and its does the same thing.

NeoDrakkan 11-06-2012 05:27 PM

The automatic setting on my '12 JKU seems to be WAY too sensitive... Tried them this morning (pockets of sunlight and shade) and the lights were flashing everyone.

Think I'll stick with the manual switch.

rod3mex 01-02-2013 09:59 PM

Finally got it to the dealer and they replaced the sensor and its been working since.

scuba_steve 01-02-2013 10:21 PM

Potential solution for folks who say that the auto headlights don't come on early enough:

My EZ Pass would not work reliably when mounted top center on my windshield, so I mounted it bottom center...right in front of the auto headlight sensor...and now it works like a champ. The second benefit - my auto headlights now come on much earlier...when the sun is low in the sky...instead of at dusk.

If you don't have an EZ Pass, you could probably mount something else there.

sunnykk 01-02-2013 10:44 PM

I prefer to turn on my lights and turn them off when I choose. I used to own a bimmer that had the auto headlight function and I never actually used it. I don't trust those things when it comes to lights. I see so many people driving during dusk as it's getting dark without their lights on and that really pisses me off.

Just my $0.02

fan4524 03-21-2013 11:51 PM

I have the same issue on 2013 JKU with 3,600 miles. Its a real PITA when you are driving at night at the headlights cut out.

Found a few posts elsewhere that hint at frequent sensor issues. I'm gonna have to get dealership to look at it next visit.

daggo66 03-22-2013 06:14 AM

Automatic headlights usually have a setting to adjust when they come on. Your owner's manual is your friend.

Jlho1980 03-22-2013 06:18 AM

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Originally Posted by daggo66 (Post 3537587)
Automatic headlights usually have a setting to adjust when they come on. Your owner's manual is your friend.

definitely going to look into this! thanks :thumb:

Burger16b 03-22-2013 08:33 AM

Problem I have is I want to add the auto headlights. Not daytime running lights. I have a procal so I can do that now. What would I need just the sensor and the new Multi switch??

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