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120369 10-03-2012 05:40 PM

Altitude side decal
Not sure if any of you fellow Canadian Altitude owner's know, but you can now get a couple of side decals for your Jeep at :punk:

Go to the site and up in the right hand corner you will see it. $13.00.

On the US Jeep Wrangler site I asked why the Atitude seemed to be the only Special Addition Jeep that had no logo. A fellow on there designed one and I sent it to this Pixal Decals to see if they could make me one. Told him there were 4,500 of us out there. The thing was made a few days later.

A bunch of the US guys have them installed.

Got mine last night in reflective black. It looks real cool as part of the time it's black and then it will turn a reflective silver color when lights are shined on it. A nice match for the wheels.

Lots of clours available too.

ALTA DUDE:dance:

bdrcole 11-14-2012 05:12 AM

Altitude Side Decal
Thanks for posting this info as the decals look great. I just ordered a set in black for for my wife's white Altitude. :thumb:

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