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B60g 10-06-2012 09:27 PM

yj vacum front axle
what is best fix for my buddys yj to stay in 4 wheel

kbwwolf 10-07-2012 05:29 AM

You'll get more responses if you post that question here: YJ Jeep Wrangler Forum

This is Site Help & Support. People post here when they're having trouble accessing the site, or downloading pics. Sometimes they post here cuz they're blue, and in need of reassurance yea, perhaps even a hand up, affirmation that they're more than just a blip in this great big entity we call the interweb. Some of them need to be talked down from selling their Jeeps...a foolish endeavor on even the sunniest of days.

But no one comes here to fix their YJ, my friend. Don't be that guy. :)

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