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V.Barney 10-09-2012 05:05 PM

Diesel, dammit!
Alright, guys, my Ba10/5 trans and nv207 T-case took a shit on me going down the interstate a while back and I was gonna fix them in due time.
...However, I started thinking...

The Ba10/5 and NV207 aren't that good of a drivetrain combination, anyway! Yeah, they're fine and work great, but there's so many other better solutions.

So I've got some money to spend and I'm wanting to drop something truly special into my ol' '87 YJ.

I began researching and I found this:
Jeep Wrangler Diesel Conversion

Yeah. Pretty badass, I know. :drool:

So here's what I'm thinking:

Get a "little" 3.9L Cummins 4BT mated to an NV4500 manual transmission with an NV231 T-Case.

In theory, this sounds like a pretty good setup. However, I've got to take into account all the things that can go wrong and the immediate sheer difficulty of this project.

I just need some feedback and some other possible options, transmission-wise. If anyone has any previous experience with such an operation, I would love to hear it.

Thanks, guys!:wavey:

Squeeze 10-09-2012 05:17 PM

Its a lotta money, I've done crap tons of research because I'm gonna do this eventually, jeffdanielsjeep is a good site for parts for this check it out

Tman3890 10-09-2012 05:26 PM

I have also looked into converting my YJ over to diesel. I haven't been able to make much progress other than research because I'm in school right now but here are a few websites that might help:

Hope this helps! And if you do go through with the conversion let me know how it turns out!

p0larb3ar 10-09-2012 11:27 PM

If/when i do a conversion on mine i really do want to do a diesel configuration. whether that means on my next jeep or on this one though lol

IndyJeepMan 10-10-2012 12:53 AM

I have a 3.9l in my CJ. Pretty sweet Indeed :thumb:

Xpress 10-10-2012 09:37 AM

The 3.9L is a hell of an engine.. You'd have quite the rig when you're done though.

V.Barney 10-15-2012 05:37 PM

Damn, guys. Thanks.:thumb:

Yeah, it was just an idea I was tossing around. I'll probably fix the shit I've got and maybe drop something like the 3.9l later down the road.

I appreciate it a bunch, you guys.

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