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BradG1228 10-13-2012 08:57 PM

I Need Some Help (Lifting My Jeep)
I am basically a noob when it comes to lifting cars. I was hoping if anyone could tell me what I need to get to lift to jeep. Do I just need the lift kit and new tires? I want to put between a 4.5 and 6 inch lift with 35s. Also do i need a tire rack for the back to fit a bigger tire? Lastly how much would it cost? I have a 2003 jeep wrangler sport, 5-speed manual, 4wd. Please help.

Thanks Any Advice Or Help Is Appreciated.

Tj_Ak_for_days 10-14-2012 01:03 PM

You're going to need a gear change for those 35's. Possibly a whole axle upgrade.

2003 wrangler 10-14-2012 08:17 PM

Lift kit, sye, cv shaft if you go over 3 inches, rear adjustable controll arms, mabe new rims and new tires possibly front steering stabilizer and extended brake lines for front. Yeah I know its a lot and I havent even lifted my jeep yet but am planning on it and probly getting a 4 inch currie short arm kit. I am going to do it right the first time that way I dont end up spending a ton of money with something that needs to be rebuilt and has cheap components. I know people on here say to do it right and the first time so Im going to take that advice. good luck.

Lt. Ray T. 10-14-2012 09:23 PM

For sure go with the SYE. I tried to avoid it, and wound up getting one. Adams driveshaft has a kit with the SYE and CV shaft for like $410.00, Was not too bad to install. Also, Look around, you will find complete lift kits with everything you see up there listed with the exception of the wheels, tires and sye. I am running 35's on my stock axles, but run .456 gears, still have good power. But I don't do any major off roading stuff, mostly road miles. If you are going to do a bunch of off roading or install a locker, I would say you will need to upgrade your axles to say the least. So some of it depends on what you are planning to do with your unit. Remember, if you go with a body lift, don't go with anything more than a 1.25 inch. They are a cheep way to get some clearance, but any more than that and you will have shifter problems and they look like crap. Good luck, do your research in here and you will be fine. Remember two things.

1. Cool ain't cheep!
2. Custom applications make for custom problems, so be patient. lol

Lt. Ray T. 10-14-2012 09:25 PM

Oh yea, I almost forgot, go ahead and save Morris 4x4, quadratech, and J.C. Whitney on your favorites. You can get most anything you need in these places.

exavid 10-19-2012 05:42 PM

Lifting cars and Jeeps is a felony so be careful. It's also hard on the back.

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