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lloyd smale 06-22-2008 07:32 AM

posi rear is there a way to tell
ive got a 2000 4cyl stick and was wondering if theres a way to tell if my rear end has a factory posi. Is it stamped somewhere or is there a number in the vechicle code that realates to this.

yjwrangler 06-22-2008 07:40 AM

you don't, so don't worry

i am assuming you have a 4cyl jeep correct??

jpdocdave 06-22-2008 08:55 AM

i doubt it, but if you raise the rear end, put it in nuetral, and spin one tire faster and faster, the other wheel will spin opposite direction. then you would feel a clunk, and both wheels will spin in the same direction, if you have a limited slip. if they just spin opposite directions no matter how fast you go, its open. if they both turn the same direction always, someone probably put something in the rear end.

KBR97 06-22-2008 08:57 AM

jack up the rear of the jeep, spin a tire forward, if the other spins do. If it spins the opposite way dont.

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