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Hilldweller 06-27-2008 06:54 AM

Tire Alternative for Stock 18" Sahara Wheel
While rotating my tires for the first time the other day, I discoverd that Mark Dodge in Woodstock, GA had sold me a Jeep with a plugged L/R tire. They totally dismissed it as "something that you must've done because we would never do that..." and I got stuck holding the bag. Bad dealership; no referrals for you.

The stock tires on the Sahara are 255/70-18 Bridgestone Duellers and they were showing quite a bit of wear at 4300 miles so I decided to replace them all. They also were pretty smooth on the street but left me with some pucker-moments of sideways motion at Tellico the other day.

I had already been developing a list of tires. I wanted something just a bit taller and a bit wider; I get off-road frequently but I also commute 50 miles/day --- didn't want to go radical and suffer the mpg woes. So I wanted a bigger, more aggressive tire that also worked in the real world.

Here's what I got;General Grabber AT2 265/70-18.

I took my favorite way home last night down the little dirt road that has the steep rutted down-hill section with the sharp right. With the oe tires I'd hit the bump and slide sideways for a while; with the Generals I hit the bump, skipped off it, and continued in my own lane without drama.
I guess that's the point...

Checking with the GPS, the speedo is almost perfect. When it says 60 mph, I'm really going about 60.3 --- I had noticed that it was optimistic to begin with; the larger tires took up the slack.
The odometer now reads about 2% low; I could reflash I suppose or just remember it when I calculate fuel economy and oil changes.

I'd like to point out the outstanding service that I got from Brian at Discount Tire in Alpharetta, GA. Way to go.
Specials and promotions, inventory and whatnots vary from store to store -- the tire wasn't even on their websites; dude had to call the distributor. But they run under $180/tire (plus tax, mounting, and hazard insurance if you want). And that ain't bad for something on an 18 wheel that actually works.

Hilldweller 06-29-2008 07:19 AM

Sloppy conditions and steep hills yesterday; no problems. Thumbs up!

LWrangler 06-30-2008 01:55 AM

Nice choice of tires...
Grabber AT2 does provide exceptional traction over all-terrains in dry, wet and snowy conditions...

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