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TalkIsJeep 11-03-2012 09:40 AM

I'm Stuck On My TC Linkage Adjustment..
I installed my lift about 2 months ago but never got around to adjusting the TC Linkage (As I read that most, if not all, people have to do after installing a lift that uses a transfer case linkage bracket). I've never had need for 4WD since the lift, but I did try going through 4H and 4L and noticed it wasn't quite right, so with winter on it's way I decided I'd try to adjust it today.

So anyway, as I read on one post, I had my brother sit inside and shift into 4L, I then loosed the bolt that holds the rod in place, shifted the rod through a bit, then re-tightened. Then all hell broke loose.

I pulled forward with it shifted into 4L, everything was find for about 30 feet..then a HUGE the TC is in neutral. So I freak out a bit and I'm fishing for wouldn't go back into 4L (tried rolling at 2-3mph, and tried it while stopped in neutral) and it took me a minute to get it into 4H..couldn't shift from 4H to 2H so I drive around the block, parked it and took another look.

Loosened the bolt again, put the 4WD lever back to the 4L position, tightened the bolt and tried it again. Same thing.

I'm losing my mind by this point, so now my brother goes under to do the bolt. I'm not sure what he did but it was working..for a minute..loud thud again. At this time, when I was trying to shift into 4H to drive it back home, it went down but it went into 4L some how :banghead: so here I am crawling back home..I'm in 4L, there's no dash light indicating I'm in any type of 4WD, if I pull back on the 4WD shifter it shifts me into neutral, if I push forward I get nothing.

Fast forward a lot of loosening and tightening that bolt and swearing and something even weirder happened. Went for another drive around the block (This is round 10 or so now) ended up riding home in 4L rattled out of 4L into neutral..but it was as if 4L was still engaged. I was on a steep hill going down, the throttle gave me no response, but as I was rolling it was in the 4L crawl..

I'm not sure where I stand at this point, I've got it into 2H and I'm happy with that, as I can at least get back and forth to work without worrying for NOW..but when snow comes I'm screwed. I know a lot of people will be recommending that Novak shifter cable, and that's something I'll look into, but is it possible there's a problem within my TC as opposed to the linkage? I've never done the adjustment before, so it's possible that I could have some how screwed it up, but it seemed really straightforward with very little to screw up..yet somehow I managed :hide:

Does anyone have any advice when doing the TC linkage adjustment, or maybe any problems that you've personally ran into, like mine, that maybe you solved? I'd appreciate any input..I know there's really not much to say other than how to do it properly, since it's a pretty cut and dry job, but I'm hoping someone has had the same issue as me and maybe it was just a stupid mistake on my part.

As always, thanks for reading, you guys rock! :punk:

doclouie 11-03-2012 11:56 AM

The z linkage is overly complex for what it does. You never noted what size of lift you have. I went the route of the Novak shifter cable and it has been great. So much easier and it works every time. I have heard about some people dealing with that linkage forever trying to adjust it.

TalkIsJeep 11-03-2012 12:15 PM

Sorry, I have a 1.25" BL and a 3" SL. I'd gladly get that Novak cable, I just want to get some opinions to see whether or not the TC internals are jacked or if it truly is just the linkage.. From what you say though, seems like I'm not the only one, that makes me feel better haha thanks! What's the install like for the Novak?

mike481 11-03-2012 12:35 PM

Worst case you can always disconnect the linkage and shift back into 2Hi at the transfer case.

I think you could get it adjusted with that amount of lift but it probably won't be very smooth. If you keep trying you should be able to get yours to work. I just went to the Novak because of my lift and belly-up.

TnDz TJ 11-03-2012 02:03 PM

IF you have a T-case drop AND the BL... your linkage is WAY out of alignment. Novak may be your only course of action to correct the issue. BL alone throws it out of wack... add the drop and you are even deeper.....

TalkIsJeep 11-03-2012 03:08 PM

Thanks for the responses guys! No TC drop on my LJ but it is seemingly just the linkage that's causing the problem (I hope) so looks like I'll just order up the Novak and hope all goes well.. Thanks again!

jp2611 11-03-2012 03:31 PM

nother suggestion---And please someone else post up if this is not sound advice!!!---I recently added a JKS BL of either an inch or 1.25"... and a MML. My OME was done by a local shop about 2 years ago and had no issues till the BL. After getting caught off road with it not staying in 4lo...I decided it was time to fix it..

Similar experience as what you have had the bang and jumping into neutral...I took 4 different "tries" but it did adjust out ---FINALLY!!

My suggestion is to release or remove the "Set screw" that you use to tighten the adjustment on the rod, and to shift it on the actual TC from underneath manually (use your hand on the part where it comes out of the TC) to ensure the TC is okay....I suspect it is....(obviously the Jeep can not be "moving")...assuming that TC case is sound....clean the linkage and adjusting pieces with brake cleaner, and start over with your adjustments, add a little silicone spray or white litheum grease to the moving parts.

The cleaning part was almost mandatory in my case since I had gotten stuck in the mud, and the lube made it all work much better.

Hope this helps!!

TalkIsJeep 11-03-2012 04:24 PM

Thanks JP, I'll try that first thing in the morning!

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