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Bullseye 11-03-2012 09:11 PM

Freakin' rusted bolts!
Well I made plans to replace my track bars and put on the new Rugged Ridge pocket flares after work today.

Started with the rear track bar and ran into issues with the frame side bolt removal. It is rusted to the sleeve in the bushing! After scratching my head for a while I bolted the stock one back in and moved on to the rear flares.

Well they could have gone better too! The fasteners going into the blind nuts were all locked up and just spinning in the body panel. Any ideas on what can be used to replace those?

After running out of patients on the flares, I put the rear tires back on and moved on to the front track bar.
Removal of the old one was a pice of cake! Whoo hoo!

Then when trying to install then new found the frame side nut had defective threads. I had already drilled out the axle side hole to 1/2" per the instruction. Reinstalling the old one was now out of the question. So the Jeep sits in pieces all over the shop without one successful thing done to it!

Ever have one of those days?

steve67 11-03-2012 09:30 PM

Penetrating-Lubricating Oils

i buy this stuff by the case at work.
its like 13 bucks a can.
but its worth it.

i am a Maintenance tech in a factory.
and have used it for 20 years.
good stuff.

Eastwoods has it priced at $26 a can.

Jayrubicon 11-03-2012 10:01 PM


Originally Posted by steve67
Penetrating-Lubricating Oils

i buy this stuff by the case at work.
its like 13 bucks a can.
but its worth it.

i am a Maintenance tech in a factory.
and have used it for 20 years.
good stuff.

Eastwoods has it priced at $26 a can.

Best stuff ever

YHSublime 11-03-2012 10:49 PM

I have those days all the time. I have never used that stuff recommended above, Kano, but it looks good. I know that as I have taken my Jeep apart, bit by bit, I have either replaced bolts, or coated everything with anti-seize. just a little piece of mind knowing that I'll have an easy as pie time taking it out again should I ever need ta'. However, It looks like Kano will take care of that problem for you as well.

Bullseye 11-03-2012 10:53 PM

LOL, I have some of this sitting on my gun bench downstairs! I use it for stoning trigger components, makes a great machine oil for cutting threads.

I will apply some when I get to the shop tomorrow and let it sit while I figure out how to attach the new flares.

That bolt is really stuck! I was hitting it with my air hammer and it would not back out, I did not have a straight shot at it but enough to mushroom the end a bit.

Thanks for reminding me about Kroil!

Bullseye 11-04-2012 10:18 PM

Ok so sat up last night thinking about the situation and decided to go ahead and order new blind nuts to replace those that are spinning and do this right once.

So I head to the shop put some Kroil on the rusted frame side rear track bolt and proceeded to install the front track bar with no problems. Removed the remaining fender flares and installed the RR pocket flares with the fasteners that were reusable.

That took a few hours as I listened the the Packer game on the radio. Had everything done that I started on Saturday except the rear track bar. After the Kroil sat for a while, apparently not long enough as the bolt and sleeve were still mated. Lucky for me I came prepared with a plan B! Sawzall and got the blade between the TB and the inside of the frame mounting point and began sawing away. Things seemed to be going along quite well and it was easy to get to. I started sawing the head end of the bolt first and was about 1/2 way thru when bang! the TB jumped a bit and I thought WTF! Got my light in there and saw the rear mounting hole tore open! My blade had wondered off track and started cutting the frame mount until it got thin enough to fail!

So now I sit with a F'd up frame mount for the rear track bar and beating my head against the wall! :banghead:

Has anyone ever tore a frame side TB mount? If so how did you repair it?

Remind me again why we love these Jeeps so much?

Bullseye 11-12-2012 10:43 PM

Ok fabricated a new frame side rear track bar mount and got everything hooked up right underneath now!

Jeep looks great and drives/rides much better! Next Saturday replace the possible leaking valve cover gasket. I thought it was the head gasket but after a thorough cleaning of the engine it appears to be leaking along the rear of the valve cover and making its way down part of the wiring loom and dripping from there.

I am occasionally getting a wiff of anti freeze but cannot locate any leaks, but it is going someplace. The overflow was back down to the cold level when engine was hot.

Thanks for the feedback and support!


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