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pbxadm 11-05-2012 02:07 PM

Pittsburgh Area Jeepers Meet-n-Greet
It's that time again! I apologize for something so short notice but we will post it up and see how many can make it.. If we don't get a good RSVP count, we will move it to another weekend!

Anyway, time to meet some fellow Jeepers and enjoy some good grub while we are at it! This time we are gonna move a little south on our journey!


The Bull Pen Sport Bar and Grille
301 County Park Road
Avella, PA 15312


Saturday, November 10th


3pm to ??

I know that this is in the stomping grounds for some of you, so if anyone wants to lead a little wheeling before hand, then by all means, post up and we will try to keep our 3pm meet up time in mind. (Or we can do a little after dark run!!)

As always, please let me know if you will be attending so we can try to get a table to accommodate.


Dawgtre 11-05-2012 03:00 PM

Count me in. I've got a buddy that might be tagging along with his JK. Maybe we can get a carajeep together for the trip down.

My memory isn't so good but I think I owe someone a beer :thumb:

strato 11-07-2012 08:42 AM

I am all new to this jeep thing.... but would love to hook up with you guys... I am going out of town this weekend... wont be able to make this event, but surely the next!!!!!

Amutt 11-08-2012 09:35 PM

work till 6 will try to get there

pbxadm 11-09-2012 08:09 AM

I think we should reschedule this at another time. My apologies for not giving enough lead time. I will put another date up soon and give people longer to reply....

activelydying 11-13-2012 12:55 PM


Originally Posted by Dawgtre (Post 2962736)
My memory isn't so good but I think I owe someone a beer :thumb:


Lil Red JK 11-24-2012 09:30 AM

Has there been a rescheduled date yet? Would love to meet up with everyone again and meet some new jeepers!

activelydying 01-22-2013 01:26 PM

So let's set a date! Maybe try and do some trails, im having withdraws!!!

RemoJK 01-22-2013 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by activelydying (Post 3261648)
So let's set a date! Maybe try and do some trails, im having withdraws!!!

scrubgrass ohv park has a ride this sunday, I'll be going

activelydying 01-24-2013 11:17 AM

Love to join you, seeing how its only an hour and half away, but my b-day is on saturday and im having a family dinner that day. Ive never been to that park before, but would love to go sometime. Pretty much any weekend is good with a little heads up. :)

Lil Red JK 02-18-2013 09:47 PM


Lil Red JK 02-18-2013 09:49 PM

Oh hey it's anyone going to the Bantam Jeep Fest? We are registered, and can't wait!

RemoJK 02-19-2013 06:31 AM

I will be going, didn't sign up yet though.

SCOOPYS-YJ 02-19-2013 06:34 PM

we aregonna be there, still need to register, was trying to get the wife to volunteer so I only have to pay for 1 registration

Dawgtre 02-19-2013 08:22 PM

We're registered for Friday & Saturday and will be camping at Cooper's Lake. This will be my third year at the festival, but the first time as a Jeep owner.

Lil Red JK 02-19-2013 11:05 PM

We will be staying at Cooper's lake also for Friday and Saturday. We went last year and had a blast! We are also registered for the Morraine trail ride and a couple other activities...especially the playground...that makes ya feel like you're 5yo again!

pbxadm 02-20-2013 08:54 PM

Hey everyone... Sorry to be MIA, but things have been really out of control lately. My father passed away the weekend before Christmas. The weekend of Christmas, Kristina and I moved to Northern Kentucky and things have just been crazy busy with new jobs, new house, etc.

Anyways.. I wanted to apologize for not giving heads up sooner, but things happened just so darn quick! On the brighter side, we will be at Bantam this year. I think we are just going to get a room somewhere rather than camping. We signed up for the trail ride, and the playground! I'm soo looking forward to spending a weekend doing all things Jeep and especially hanging out with our fellow Jeepers!!

Lil Red JK 02-20-2013 10:04 PM

Pbxadm, sorry to hear about your dad.

And what is up with you moving to kentucky? It is beautiful there! I am glad that you will be going to bantam this year! Will you be there for friday night again? I hope Paul and I run into you guys while we are there. I hope all is well in KY for you! And honestly, I was wondering what happened to you. Glad you posted!

pbxadm 02-21-2013 02:48 PM

Moving to Kentucky happened in a blur! I was looking for a new job and this one came up and the next thing you know, here we are packing the house. We miss Pittsburgh, but we are now only about 20 minutes from my son.

Kristina and I are taking the Friday of Bantam off so we can make our way up for the invasion. I still have the same phone number and stuff so I will make sure we get in touch with you and Paul. It will be nice to do the playground with some peeps we know!

activelydying 02-23-2013 07:38 AM

pdxadm, that sucks about your dad, im sorry.

That sure is gonna be along commute to the next Pa meet n greet isnt it? :p

See you at Bantam. :thumb:

activelydying 02-23-2013 07:42 AM


Originally Posted by Lil Red JK (Post 3387917)

How about hitting scrubgrass next weekend?

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