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locorogue 07-09-2008 09:06 PM

Clutch problem
Me noob, so be gentle. And also would like to appologise if this problem has been answered in a previous thread:bottom:

I just bought a '90 YJ about a month ago. Approx 2 weeks ago, i noticed a leak under the jeep, and shifting started to be difficult. I checked the clutch fluid level, it was low. I filled to max. Shifting returned to norm. Approx 1 week ago, same scenario as 2 weeks ago. Only this time after I filling to max, clutch would not engage at all. I followed the clutch line to the clutch housing. I noticed the rubber insulator was worn, about 1/4 was gone. I pulled the rest out and noticed that indeed a 1/4 was missing, and obviously there was no seal.

I guess i'm hoping that I can fix this myself. I know that replacing the rubber seal is obvious, has anyone been able to just replace the rubber seal and the clutch return to norm? To replace the rubber seal, can I remove the clutch bleed line from the clutch housing, or does the housing need to come off? Any help would be incredibly helpful, thanks.

1990 Wrangler YJ
5 speed

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