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TJ Hooligan 11-06-2012 09:55 PM

Possibly moving to Edmond have a few ?'s
I currently live in Fort Worth TX but may be relocating to Edmond. I know the real estate taxes are much lower but what personal property taxes on things such as vehicles? In Texas we just pay yearly inspection and registration which is about $100 annually.

Also looking for information on the best school districts and subdivisions in the Edmond area.

Lusus_Naturae 11-07-2012 09:31 AM

Are you set on living in Edmond for some reason? It's not bad, but I know a lot of cars that have been damaged up there. I can't explain it, it just seems like certain snotty kids like to bash cars in once or twice a year - and a block or two at a time. Slashed tires, eggs, baseball bats to cars, stupid crud. Take a look online and you'll find the stories, I think it may be that area of Edmond, but it makes insurance higher for that zip code too.

As for schools, they are pretty nice up there overall. There are some areas where you'll run into the spoiled brat issue more, but it's Edmond.

Vehicle taxes are cheap here (I think). I moved here from Chicago when we were stationed at Tinker AFB, and everything was cheaper then (1997). Since moving here Oklahoma has dropped the state inspection. The police will get you for bulbs out usually, especially if they think something else is wrong. So if you are speeding a little, and a blinker is out, you have a better chance of getting a ticket. Broken windshields are the same way, a single crack across the driver's side usually is ignored, a group of cracks is not. The passenger side is almost ignored. I had the top driver's side dogearred for years with no issues. I had a rock hit my TJ right above the rearview mirror and it shot a crack across my driver's side allt he way to the bottom left corner and 4 cracks to the passenger side. I drove three years like that and got pulled over once for speeding, even then it wasn't mentioned I needed to fix it. There are more things to worry about here, like uninsured drivers. Keep full coverage, comp, and uninsured/underinsured or medical on your vehicles. My friend is three years into a lawsuit where an uninsured, suspended license, drunk driver hit her Camaro and totaled it sending her to the hospital -her reasoning - taking off uninsured/underinsured coverage lowered her bill $120 a year and everyone is legally required to carry insurance so why bother.

The DMV is different here. Comparing to Chicago though, not sure about Texas. You have the DMV here that does the testing for driver's licenses, when you pass they give you paperwork to take to the Tag Agency. The Tag Agency does your photo and driver's license, also your vehicle tags. The easiest thing to do to see if it's more or less is to call a Tag Agency and tell them you want an estimate becuase oyu are considering a move. They will look up your VIN and give you the estimate. I have a friend that moved from an area north of Dallas, he tells me that his car insurance increased in Oklahoma but the tag would be less. He moved from the boonies to the boonies, YMMV. Edmond Tag Agency number (405) 341-0742

On a separate note, expect to pay higher taxes in general in Edmond compared to other metro areas. Edmond also has the highest water bill by unit.

TJ Hooligan 11-07-2012 02:47 PM

Lusus - thanks for the reply.

I'm pretty set on the Edmond area if I do relocate because it would be close to the area I would be working and the schools are supposed to be very good. As the father of 6 and 4 yr old boys that is probably the most important thing about the move.

I'll give the Edmond tag agency a call and see if they can help out with more details as well.

Thanks again!

squirrel792 11-08-2012 09:22 AM

Once u get all ur registrations switched to ok. The tags run about 92.50 a year. For any model. We only run one tag unlike Texas. Just make sure u switch ur license over as soon as u can. If u get pulled over they will give u a warning for not having the right address on it unless u lie about it at the time

Lusus_Naturae 11-09-2012 07:43 AM

You have 6 months to update your license, it's cheap and easy though.

thebigokie 01-22-2013 11:24 AM

Once you get to Oklahoma City look us up on FB. Red Dirt Jeeps (RDJ)

beaureed445 01-24-2013 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by thebigokie (Post 3260974)
Once you get to Oklahoma City look us up on FB. Red Dirt Jeeps (RDJ)

Who are you, bigokie?

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