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Charley24 11-07-2012 11:04 AM

Another differential question
I know from reading tons of threads that the Dana 35 rear diff is not very strong. My question is this....can you not beef up the 35 with stronger axles and a locker or better gears without swapping out the entire rear for an 8.8 or other rear end? I run 33 x 12.50's with the stock 35, and I don't wheel too hard, just trails and mud. I haven't had any breakage, but I figure it might just be a matter of time.

Ibuildembig 11-07-2012 11:08 AM

Yup super 35 kit, but its gonna cost ya

banks316 11-07-2012 02:19 PM

Super 35 kit runs $1000+ an 8.8 or D44 out of a junk yard less then $300.

cakes567 11-07-2012 02:42 PM

Don't wast your time with the 35.

camarozz 11-07-2012 07:42 PM

Depends on what you want, and the money you want to spend.

Im cheap, and dont want to spend days on replaceing the entire rear, so I would spend a few hundred and replace the axles as needed. But I dont "wheel hard" either, some back roads, and beebopping around.

89quest 11-07-2012 08:06 PM

Can anyone give a ballpark of cost to have a 8.8 done at a shop.No equipment or knowhow!!!

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