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buffyc 11-07-2012 03:14 PM

92 YJ Fun!
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In mid-September we purchased a 92 YJ as our second "fun" ride for $2,500. It was great fun the first few weeks, riding around without the hard top, and starting the body work process. During the workweek I am a clean-hands professional, and I have never attempted body work in my life, but here is the first attempt.

The exterior is full of rust, paint chips, and the interior was a layer of dirt, grease and grime. The previous owner had left it uncovered in all elements. This was evident when I attempted to hook up a new stereo, removed the mounted speakers and water came pouring out. A trip to my local auto sounds store resulted in new speakers in new housings. I rewired the speakers, and after determining the yellow? wire was dead, ran a jump from an empty fuse to the radio.

The first paint attempt was a thin bondo repair of the front bumper, repainting of the grill, and working on the hinges. I plan to repaint the entire body next spring, but wanted to reduce the rust through the winter.

The final picture isn't perfect, but the bumper rust was removed, bonded and sealed. I used a Duplicolor factory match in the rattle can, with a couple coats of clear for the finish.
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buffyc 11-07-2012 03:17 PM

More fun!
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Next up was the repair of the rust HOLES in the doors. I used filler and the self-adhesive patches. Now, as I am a few months into the project, I realize fiberglass repair is the way to go from here.

Attachment 176122

Attachment 176123

I knew those empty beer boxes would come in handy!

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Attachment 176125

It's not perfect, but better than before!

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buffyc 11-07-2012 03:24 PM

Hard Top Repaint
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The before and after of the repaint.

We papered the windows and used black Rustoleum for the new look. Painting it black gives the jeep a whole new look. There were a lot of surface dings and scratches on the windows. I used a Honda plastic cleaner I used to use on my motorcycle windshield and it removed the imperfections easily.

Attachment 176129
Attachment 176130

While my partner worked on the top, I started in on the back.

Attachment 176131
Attachment 176132

Next up....removing the pin stripes and tackling the floor pans.

buffyc 11-07-2012 03:30 PM

Floor pan
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Well, this 92 YJ is a trip, but I was getting concerned with snow around the corner and a rotted floor that I would freeze, or my feet would be hitting the ground.

Thankfully I have a buddy with a welder. I ordered the floor pans from C2C (thanks for the recommendations from this site).

First, we shook our heads at the rust.
Attachment 176139

Cut out the floor with a grinder.
Attachment 176140

Gasped at the side rust and the fact the braces were totally gone!
Attachment 176141

Used a wire brush to clean it up, and welded in the pieces.
Attachment 176142

Sealed it with an undercoating (bad picture, but it was dark by then.)
Attachment 176143

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