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Rockyroad816 11-09-2012 01:59 PM

Calling all Zombie Killers

Check this place out. Shoot Extreme

Zombie Hunts Zombie Hunts « Shoot Extreme

Shoot Extreme® shoot house ranges wrap heart-pounding shooting experiences and reality-based training into an adventure destination for the whole family. We’re sticklers about safety. Convenient online reservations (via Bookeo) accommodate your crazy-busy life. Our Zombie Hunts, and forthcoming other recreational events like leagues and competitions build firearms competence in a fun and social setting.

What kinds of guns can I shoot at Shoot Extreme?

We stock SIG Sauers, Glocks, Smith & Wesson M&P (these two are great, reliable pistols, which is why they’re the most popular guns among the law enforcement community) as well as other S&W pistols, Beretta 92′s (the U.S. military’s side-arm). Some Shoot Extreme ranges stock M1911-style government model .45 caliber pistols (converted to fire a 9mm Simunition round). We have AR-15 rifles (the civilian, semi-automatic version of the M-16A2) and pump action shotguns. Shoot Extreme ranges expand their inventory continuously, both because getting to shoot with different guns is fun and because we know you want to being able to train with the weapon you have at home.
You’re using real guns–is this really safe?

It’s as safe as realistic training can be, in every respect we can control. All the weapons are clearly marked as weapons converted for training, and the conversion kits preclude the chambering of live, lethal ammunition. The Simunition® system Simunition – Non-Lethal Training Ammunition – Training for the real world – Conversion Kits – Protective Equipment – Spare Parts – Fx Marking Cartridges – Securiblank Cartridgeswe use is the same one that’s been in use by military and law-enforcement units conducting force-on-force live fire training for over ten years, with steady improvement in reliability and safety over that period. The non-metallic projectiles used in our pistols are fired with only about 1/4 the amount of energy it takes to puncture skin, and travel at about half the speed of a real bullet. However, it’s important to understand that a Simunition bullet hitting unprotected skin will leave a welt and could create a small tear if it hit skin covering a bony area. We always observe the ironclad rule that all guns should always be treated as if loaded and provide mandatory sets of protective gear for anyone who wishes to participate in training where they’re likely to be hit by another shooter.
We require eye protection in any area where people are handling guns. We require full head, face, throat, and groin protection for anyone participating in force-on-force training or recreation. Finally, our bullets are sub-sonic, so the reduced noise means hearing protection is not required (ref. OSHA specs). Of course, you can wear hearing protection if you want, but even our instructors, who are in the ranges all day long, are not required by OSHA standards to wear protection.

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