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dzwiedzislaw 11-11-2012 01:00 AM

35" shoes on 2012 JK 3.21 in Chicago
Hi Everyone!

I'm new here. I tried to find an answer for my questions but with no success, so I'm posting this.

My wife (yeeaaaaah...) just got herself a 2012 JK. It has stock 16's and lokks like a disgrace, so we decided we're gonna beef it up. I read a lot about lifts but I'm not an expert so I want to know few things before we spent tons of money on it.

Here's what she wants (eh...):
-35's ( Nitto Trail Grapplers on 17"?)
-3" lift ( is BDS a decent company?)
-Some exterior work that needs to be done like rear bumper to accommodate 5th wheel

NOW... For a while I thought that will be everything but as I was reading more and more about it, it became clear that there's gonna have to be more work done that we've anticipated.

Problem #1
- it's a standard 2dr sport with 3.21 gears (yes, now I regret it but it's too late)
problem #2
- it has dana 30 in front

So now. Do you guys have any idea what would be the avarage cost of regearing to... let's say 4.10 and welding in some axle support?

We're in Chicago area (nothwest subs) and from what I can tell for now, we won't be doing any wheeling anytime soon. It's my wife's DD and she wants it to LOOK badass (rockstar syndrome)... again... I know...:banghead:

Thanks and please don't be tough on me yet. As I said, I'm a newb but I'm planning to get another JK this time for something more than just trip to Grocery store :D

mpoberg 11-11-2012 04:34 AM

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The tires are very heavy.. you will need to get a new mount for spare for sure. I have a JKUS with 3.73 and i still have plenty of power 4.10s would definitely be nice though. My lift is a 2.5" RE coil lift and i clear the cooper sst 35s with no issue. Light fender rub on extreme articulation. Rims 17x9, 4.5bs. Your extra bit of lift will be perfect. ;)

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dzwiedzislaw 11-11-2012 05:32 PM

Looks awesome :) Does anyone has any experience with regearing? Any shop around Chicago that would do a decent job without eating my wallet? I've been at Attitude Performance and they're doing tons of lifts but I don't know if I could trust them with regearing.

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