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Transmission Questions
Hey there,
New to your forum as a poster but I have looked it over getting help in the past. I have a question I could not find a thread to so if there is one out there let me apologize in advance. I have a 1989 YJ with the BA 10/5 Transmission in it. The synchros went out so I picked up another and swapped them out. Here is the problem everything appears to work fine except for reverse and 5th gear. I can drive it and shifts fine thru all gears but those. Second the shift lever seems to be different size? The metal sleeve that goes in appears to be to tall by about 7/8".
I do not know what I should be looking at to see if gears look ok from the top either. Any help is appreciated. Also I know this is not greatest transmission but I could not afford to change over. Thanks again!

sevenservices 11-12-2012 03:41 PM


In thinking about this... your 5'th and reverse are all the way to the right... Would it be possible to move the adjusters to allow it to throw slightly further to the right side? Prob. just needs to go a little further and you can catch that right side slider if you know what I mean... Or, is your shift lever maybe hitting somewhere not allowing it to push over far enough to catch the slot?

Hard to tell w/o seeing it but hopefully someone else has run into the same issue.

Can you maybe use your original linkages? or visa-versa?

camarozz 11-12-2012 06:35 PM

Looking into the transmission from the shifter hole will not tell you anything.

Like what was mentioned, verify there is clearance for all the gears and you are not hitting something somewhere. Another thing, since those are very weak transmissions, you could have a more serious problem. But without tearing it down you may not be able to tell for sure. It may be an easy fix, or it may be more difficult depending.

Do you still have the old trans? If so, try disassembling it; I found a manual online that helped me with mine, and if you are handy you can learn its internals. Then take the new one out and compare, even use the parts out of your old one to fix the new one, or even just swap out the syncros to the old one. I would just not spend ANY money on the BA, been there, done that and it was a complete waste of time and money. I actually spent less putting in an AX15 with complete transfer case than it cost to replace the reverse gear set that went out in mine. The swap was super easy.

Good luck.

indynyles 11-28-2012 07:17 PM

This has happened to me too except it is only reverse so far that I've tested. I have an 89 yj and I just took off the bottom plate from right under my transmission and next thing I know after working on it for a couple days in one spot, reverse is not even close to engaging when I needed to move it off the stands for street cleaning. A friend of mine said it is probably the gear cables (didn't know there were cables) that got misaligned. Haven't had a chance to check it out yet but maybe thats an idea for something to look at.

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