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CUL8R 11-12-2012 11:45 PM

Crazy Truck Guy at Poison Spider in Moab
My wife and son and I were at the Poison Spider Trailhead in Moab airing down my son's and my lifted JKURs when this guy in a stock fullsize GMC diesel crewcab with a camper in the bed pulled in and asked if we were heading up. My son answered yes, and this guy replied he'd follow us in. Crazy! But not my job to tell him he'd be crazy to try. I was sure he'd come to the first real obstacle - a 2ft ledge- at the 3rd hairpin and he'd turn around and go back out. Nope. He did get stuck there. Then tried another line and got high centered. Then dragging just about everthing on the bottom of his truck, did make it up somehow... And kept coming.

We headed up thru several obstacles and stopped at the top of the "Waterfall" to take some pictures. Then this guy showed up at the bottom and started up. What the...

He made it up the first leg and started up the second where...

He came so close to rolling the whole thing, I just stood frozen, watching it happen. The wheel finally stopped going up and then came back down quite a bit and I was able to recover and finally take a picture. Did I say crazy?!?

At that point I'd had enough of the crazy stuff this guy was doing, and we headed on in to do the rest of Poison Spider. I fully expected to find him rolled over on the way back out. But there was no sign of him. His tracks showed he'd made up the next obstacle after the waterfall, then turned around and headed out. I still can't decide if he was a really fantastic driver, or just ignorant and very lucky. The pictures don't really do justice to what this guy accomplished. You should look at some of the You Tube videos of people trying Poison Spider Mesa, and especially those of people doing the waterfall, and you'll get an idea of what this guy did. Amazing.


CDennyRun 11-13-2012 05:30 PM

That's friggen impressive! I'm not sure what to think... Guy's got balls!!

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