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1984 cj71987 11-16-2012 04:23 PM

High charging alternator when throttling...
Might need a beer before you read this....
Ok, I'm clueless so spare with me.
Was out wheeling, couldn't start jeep. Got a jump ran fine after a while volts were dropping on dash meter. Turned off jeep wouldn't start, jumped it started right up. Kept the jeep off while everyone else wheeled. On the way back Jeep ran fine for a bit but the voltage would slowly drop and stall. A couple more jumps and it would drop quicker. Went and got a battery from store and drove home about half hour and volts on dash read about 10 and held there throughout drive. Since it was a brand new battery figured it was the alternator. Just when I got the alternator almost off I noticed the wire from the side plug of the alternator had rubbed and was cut threw. It was the wire that goes back to the alternator terminal, prob. not best place to run it to check the voltage, but it works there I heard. So I figured since the alt. was just about off I'd get it checked. I was told it was,nt producing enough, ok makes sense. New brushes and a good cleaning. put alternator back on and since the wire was broke I put a new one on and changed the rest of them. Used 10 gauge. Checke the volts on the batter while hooked up not running and got 12.5. Started Jeep and at idle got 13. something I forget. But when I throttled up the volts went up and the volt meter on the dash went up and then pegged was getting readings on the volt meter around 16. Alternator got hot and the battery bubbled over during a test ride when I first noticed the volts on the dash. Just around the block. had the battery tested, was fine. Called the rebuilder and explained he said bring it in and would test it. I was thinking voltage regulator in alternator. I checked the wiring. He also said the alternator looke like it was running as a one wire when he rebuilt it. He said he kept it the same way didn't change anything but new brushes. I have the side clip with two wires one to the starter relay I believe on the fender well. and other going into the wiring harness don't know where that goes and that is the small one thin wire, I guess the sensor. The terminal on the alternator has two wires one to the starter relay wich has a wire connected to it which goes to the batter. And a second wire on the relay same post which goes to the same wiring harness. Any ideas why it's charging high during throttling....

84 TBI 258
200 amp powermaster anlternator.

harleydragon 11-16-2012 06:12 PM

I would think regulator

1984 cj71987 11-17-2012 08:57 AM

Good news, thought I would give a good look over mess with the wires before taking it out. It appears that the two wire socket plug was not making good contact, must have been the sensor. But works like a champ now.

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