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Airtight 11-26-2012 07:54 AM

Body mount question
Hey guys, I put my rocker guards on yesterday, which involved removing the body mount bolts and jacking the tub up a bit to slide the guard in. Everything went well, but when I finished, the fan was hitting the bottom of the fan shroud slightly. I drove it around a bit, thinking the tub might 'setttle', and it went away. Started it this morning cold, and the fan was hitting again slightly. I was wondering is there something I can do. The rocker guards may have added less than 1/8 inch in the tub height I think. Or maybe I need to torque the body mount bolts? Anybody know the specs? One more thing, those little snubbers that the fron of the tub sits on the frame, they don't appear to be quite touching the frame, and I think they used to. Thanks guys, sorry for the long question.

Airtight 12-02-2012 07:21 AM

I think I'm good now. I had planned to loosen the fan shroud and make the bolt holes into 'slots' where I could slide the shroud down slightly, but after I found the torque specs for the body mount bolts and torqued them, it wasn't hitting anymore. Guess my tub wasn't pulled down tight enough?

The funny thing is that on a cold morning, the fan was making a good bit of contact with the shroud until it warmed up, then it would go away. But if I grabbed under the fender and lifted up on the body slightly, it would start hitting slightly. Now that I've torqued the bolts, doing that hasn't even made it hit. Just wanted to bump this and let you guys know I think I'm good, and maybe this will help someone else.

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