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mkatsiapis 11-27-2012 07:19 PM

New jeep need some tire advice!!
Hey guys, well I finally just got my first jeep!! It's a 2012 jeep wrangler unlimited altitude edition. So far I am ball to the walls happy with this thing.

I am looking to upgrade my tires, but I would like to keep the stock altitude rims (basically the same as the 18" Sahara rims painted black)

I do light off roading, mostly light mud, trail runs, and because I live in northern Ontario Canada I need something fairly good in the snow. (Cuz we get lots of it). I was looking to see what kind of meaty tire I could get away with on the stock rims with no lift kit...

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated... Also very happy to be part of the forum!!

mkatsiapis 11-27-2012 07:58 PM

Not looking for a bigger tire just a more aggressive tire?

stans1stjeep 11-27-2012 08:50 PM

tire Rack & Discount Tire are you best on line sources for tires & to make comparisons. In the 255/R70X18, about the only better choice (for snow & ice) is the Goodyear Silent Armor. This tire will be visually similar to the stock Bridgestone Duelers. The Bridgestone's aren't that bad in ice & snow, but they are not dedicated winter tires either.

The next option would be 285/R65X18 (32/11X18), same diameter as stock, but wider. You may have rubbing at full lock/full travel, or you may not. Advantages: wider tire, more choices, no change req'd for speedometer/odometer. The Goodyear Duratrac is available in this size. Disadvantages: 10# /tire heaver, likely lower fuel economy, rubbing possible, more wear on brakes, axles and suspension possible.

Biggest option w/o a lift & wheel spacers: 285/R70X18 (33/11X18). The bigger diameter would create a speedometer/odometer error which could be corrected with an AEV Procal or similar programmer. Duratracs also availabe in this size.

The Duratracs are the tire of choice IMHO for everything but serious rock climbing. The disadvantages of the larger sizes are not very serious, but you should be aware of the compromises you are making

Here is a good thread to look at:

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