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nj lj 11-28-2012 08:15 AM

Lj Suspension Lift Problems
Ok , so here is what I have:
2005 lj rubicon 6spd
265/75/r16 on stock moabs brand new just balanced
Here is what I did :
*2" coil spaces front and rear
*Bar pin eliminators on stock rubicon shocks
*zone sway bar links front and rear(2-3")
*Adjustable front Lower control arms
*Adjustable Rear Lower Control arms
Here's the problem,
When installing the lift , I did not have coil spring compressor, so I disconected sway bar links lower control arms and was able to drop the axle low enough to slip spacers over springs (as per Directions). when I was bolting everything back up, I had noticed that the
FRONT---- front axle had moved about three inches towards the center of the jeep, making it really hard to reconnect the lower control arms, But I put them back in (the Stock Ones). Now it looked like the front wheels were tucked under truck slightly when wheels went back on.

REAR---- Rear axle had similar problem, when spacers went on and it was time to re bolt stock lower control arms , they were 4 inches too short( axle moved further away from center of jeep). Was finally able to get lower arms back on by putting jack stand under rear diff and lowering entire jeep on it ( Changing Caster????) and pulling axle closer to center of jeep again so LCA bolts lined up.

With all this done, here is what it drive like now:
Problem#1 death wobble up front while doing medium speed corners and hitting bump
fix#1- zone sway bar links ( did nothing)
Fix#2 - got adjustable lower control arms (made them 3/4" longer than stock, hoping to bring wheel back into center of wheel well) (WORKED) no more death wobble, steering feels way stiffer, but not bad
rear drive train seemed funny, under acceleration, have a low tone vibration (feel it in you body). trans shifter has more vibration in it.
Fix#1 zone sway bar links (did nothing)
Fix#2 Adjustable Lower Control Arms (Made them 1 1/4" longer than stock, hoping to bring wheel back into center of wheel well, and lower the CASTER??(not sure). (DID NOT WORK < made it ten times worse.

I feel like I am have the problems of a 4-6" lift, when I only have a 2" budget boost.

Any help would be appreciated before I sell this thing and go back to TOYOTA's

ohsixlj 11-28-2012 08:53 AM

Did u leave the control arm bolts loose until u set it back on the ground? Bounce on the bumpers a couple times then torque everything? I had a 2 " BB on my Lj with stock control arms and it drove like stock. If u put longer lower rear control arms on that would change your pinion angle in the wrong direction causing it to point downward and develop a vibration. Good luck keep us posted.

nj lj 11-28-2012 11:21 AM

Thanks I will try to re torque, Def. going to pull the rear LCA and re adjust closer to stock length. I feel like I pushed the pinion up so much higher than stock when I was re-installing stock rear LCA's after the lift, went up three inches or so just to make the stock ones fit again..
I am two or three wrench hours away from trading it in>>>:facepalm:

ohsixlj 12-01-2012 08:56 PM

Any change?

nj lj 01-01-2013 12:59 PM

Shortened rear lca's
That was the trick, feels way better

ohsixlj 01-02-2013 05:32 PM


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