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asouza 11-30-2012 11:13 AM

Sputters at high speed and no cruise control
This is my second TJ and I have been testing her limits since I picked her up. Last week I had to do a stream crossing in about 3' of water. Half way through she stuttered a bit and was afraid I was going to stall, but got through. No apparent long term issues from that. The other day I took her out on a pretty wet and muddy jeep trail for work and rode her pretty hard and aggressive. Back on the highway she started sputtering at around 60+ mph, and the cruise control would cut off when it started sputtering. Now a few days later the cruise control doesn't work at all, and she is still sputtering at the higher speeds, on acceleration. When I reach speed she rides fine and is fine at idle. Checked the distributor and plugs for moisture but are dry. Any suggestions?

02 TJ 11-30-2012 11:25 AM

My guess would be a vacuum leak maybe you ripped off a hose some where.

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