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partchase 11-30-2012 11:30 AM

Tow Dolly?????
New here, and enjoying the info.
I have an 05 Rubicon,manual 5-speed, and we will be towing it behind our motorhome. The question I have is we want to take a couple motorcycles as well, and have looked at a tandem tow dolly which would solve the problem.
Then I get alerted on that I cannot tow my TJ on a dolly.
This made no sense so I went to the owners manual, it has a "caution" box in the setting up for recreational towing section that states internal transfer case damage may occur using a front whell lift to tow it. However, in the next chapter it states that using a tow dolly, or whell lift to tow the jeep is acceptable.
Not sure how to handle that information.
If the transfer case is put in neutral, and it is ok to tow with all four wheels spinning on the ground, what difference does it make that only the two rear wheels are on the ground.
I would rather tow it four down, but as long as the wife continues to ride her own bike, I would need to buy a 20 foot trailer to get everything along with us. I really do not want to do that.

TnDz TJ 11-30-2012 11:42 AM

If you put the tcase in neutral you should be fine since it will be disconnected internally from the trans.

However.... There is a pump in the tcase... Hmmm. I would further into this to ensure no damage will occur

Under the section that says its acceptable, any instruction on how to safely tow it? Curios since I don't have a book

530ktm 11-30-2012 01:21 PM

Do as I did and make a rack on the back of the motor home that can carry both dirt bikes and then hook up the Jeep with an extended receiver. I carry 2 full size dirt bikes and flat tow my Jeep.

crallscars 11-30-2012 01:31 PM

get a trailer and not a tow dolly
I am a big fan of trailers and not "tow dolly"

Trailers are much easier to back up,they have brakes and lights.
Most of all a trailer takes better car of your vehicles drive train.

I have been towing my antique and classic cars across the country for probably 20 years with never an issue. I would never consider putting one of these cars on a dolly.

partchase 11-30-2012 01:58 PM

I am not a tow dolly fan either. Just with two harleys and the jeep, then a 44ft motorhome, a twenty foot trailer starts to eliminate places I want to go. the moho itself has kept me out of some state parks that only had limited large spaces and were full, can only imagine adding another twenty feet to that.
But it seems as though to do a tow dolly I would have to unhook the rear driveshaft, way too much hassle, so we are changing some plans, and I am ok with that!!
As long as she wants to ride her own, there will just have to be a decision made on how bad she wants to, and if she wants a car along as well. When she dicides to quit and get back on the backseat with me, then a lift on the back of the moho and flat tow the jeep, till then, I will ride when I want to ride, and we will flat tow the Jeep when we want the Jeep, PERFECT!!!!:dance:

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