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Fullsizemike 12-02-2012 01:41 AM

rubicon express and sye ?
So I broke the main shaft in my transfer case on my 97 TJ. 4.0 5sp if it matters. Ive only had it for a month or so, PO used a hack and tap method on the previous shaft(stock) I thought it had a SYE already because it does have what looks to be a rubicon express driveshaft, and it was shorter. It had a flange though, and obviously my new shaft is thicker. I ordered a new SYE kit thinking that would fix my problem. Any way to make that shaft work with the new kit? It's a rugged ridge SYE? Not the mega short, just standard. Or am I looking at a custom driveshaft too?

TnDz TJ 12-02-2012 04:29 AM

You need to buy a flange yoke for the SYE instead of using the standard yoke that comes with the SYE.

It can look similar to this...

or this...

The bolt pattern and spline count will be the key to getting your new SYE to work with your old shaft.... length may be a factor to ensure you have enough slip in the shaft.


You have another option as well.... swap the end on your double cardan shaft to match your SYE yoke...

The centering ball unit is in the upper left of the this pic.... swap that out and you bolt directly to the SYE yoke...

So instead of having a flange shaft... like this...

you will have this....

Fullsizemike 12-03-2012 02:53 PM

center ball unit seems to be the easiest and cheapest route. By chance, would anyone know what part number or vehicle would work with a Rugged ridge SYE main shaft? Thanks for the response btw

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