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Surinamer 12-02-2012 03:08 PM

2006 2006 Wrangler Sport stall / sometimes won't start

Our Wrangler performed beautifully in a recent 4-day, 550km offroad rally. We went over and through nonstop dirt, sand, ruts, bumps, rocks, creeks and logs. However, the next day, while about 50km into the drive to the airport, going smoothly at about 70km/hr, it completely stalled. We could not re-start it (engine was cranking) and we had to tow it home, but the next day, it started.

Twice since then, we have not been able to start it, once after it had been sitting all day (but had run just fine earlier) and once after a long morning running errands. In both cases, after a long wait (2 hours), we were able to start it.

I was able to get the electronic trouble code P0455, an evaporative emission control system leak detected. We do have a non-Jeep locking gas cap, but have had it for a long time without this problem. I am thinking maybe there is a problem with one of the hoses.

There is not a reliable Jeep repair shop here in Suriname so we are on our own to try to determine the problem and order the parts to fix it ourselves. I am just wondering if anyone else may have had a problem like this or can suggest a solution.


Surinamer 12-05-2012 05:14 PM

Hello again,

I haven't heard back from anyone, but I searched this forum and am thinking that maybe it's a bad ICM. If anyone has any thoughts on that, please share. There is no Autozone in Suriname so I am not sure how to best check this (someone suggested hitting it with a hammer while engine is running and see if it stops!)

Need advice though on how to find the ICM - 2006 Unlimited 4.0 liter.


Surinamer 01-23-2013 05:37 PM

Well, the problem turned out to be a loose wire.

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