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CLIMEIT 12-03-2012 08:47 AM

Finally fixed the water leak!!!
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i have done all of the recommended fixes and FINALLY FIXED IT:thumb:.. i tried the 90 degree elbow on the AC drain (no good) did the heater core (NO GOOD) sealed the air vent (no good) took the front panel off by the wipers and SEALED the vent on top of the passenger side (NO GOOD) cleared the scowel (NO GOOD)... PEOPLE the leak is from the seams having so much gap. I bought weather stripping and sealed the seams PROBLEM FIXED!!!! All other recommendation are BOGUS!!!! THIS IS THE REAL FIX. it takes a little effort BUT YOU CAN FINALLY SAY GOOD BUY TO THAT DAM PUDDLE AFTER THE RAIN... check the pictures really dropped the ball on such an easy fix.:facepalm:

Wesboy 12-03-2012 09:14 AM

So is the weather stripping between the hood and the cowl AND the cowl and the windshield?
Very interested to try this :thumb: - I too have tried all the other fixes you mentioned :D

CLIMEIT 12-04-2012 07:56 AM

yea you know how you can remove that panel to expose that cowl everyone says it the problem. Well when you remove that panel you put weather stripping on the front of that panel KEEP A LITTLE GAP FOR THE 2 SCREWS YOU HAVE TO PUT BACK TO MOUNT THE PANEL, i made small cut outs!!! (BE SURE TO SEAL BY THE HOOD LATCHES) and on the frame you weather strip the sides. The top section will have the factory rubber seal (by the window frame where you screw the 4 screws that hold that panel in place. sO your basically sealing of the right and left side of that panel AND The front by the hoods Hinges. all along the front. i noticed how big the gaps were and knew that the only way that water was getting in after all i had done was thru there and sure enuff i was right.. if you notice those gaps are huge and during hard rain storms ITS GETTING IN well not anymore. That panel will be a little tight after you have weather stripped it so make sure someone is there to help you not damaged the panel when putting it back it. BUT THIS FIX IS 100% ....

YAHAHA 12-01-2013 03:20 PM

Our TJ started leaking on the passenger side this year, puddling inside. Do you have pictures that aren't so zoomed in to get a better idea of where to plug this leak?

Water Dog 12-01-2013 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by YAHAHA (Post 6495418)
Our TJ started leaking on the passenger side this year, puddling inside. Do you have pictures that aren't so zoomed in to get a better idea of where to plug this leak?

Unless your Jeep came equipped with weatherstripping there, I would find out what is really causing the leak and fix it.

ChasUGC 12-01-2013 04:56 PM

Yeah, my floor tends to get soaked after a heavy rain. But, this was true of my convertible Mustang too. I think its true of any open vehicle. The seals just aren't going to be perfect in an open vehicle. It is the main reason, I want to remove my carpeting and use bedliner. I will be bedlining my Jeep, with matching white bedliner, and then use nice Jeep logo tan carpeted floor mats. It will look awesome, and be much easier to clean and keep dry. Cost is going to be about $300-500 dollars. $300-professionally installed white bedliner. $130-Jeep logo floor mats. $60 to relocate my amp from under my back seat. I guess the OP has the cheap solution if it truly works.

YAHAHA 12-02-2013 11:43 PM


Originally Posted by water dog (Post 6496258)

unless your jeep came equipped with weatherstripping there, i would find out what is really causing the leak and fix it.


express705 12-03-2013 07:26 AM


Originally Posted by YAHAHA (Post 6527010)

ya rly

CLIMEIT 12-04-2013 09:53 AM

i understand a convertible top leaking but a hard top jeep HONESTLY i prefer my rain OUTSIDE my vehicle not inside and if jeep knows of the water issues Y NOT UNDERCOAT THE ENTIRE VEHICLE WHEN ITS ON THE BUILD LINE INSTEAD OF CREATING A RUST BUCKET??? anyway came with the gaskets or not IT WORKS!! sold the TJ was a blast but going for a bigger off road without the DW issues water inside issues gear issues clutch noise issues its a fun vehicle if u like to spend money fixing it everytime u beat on it!!will it get u there HELL YEA will you have to fix once you get there U BET UR A$$ YOU WILL!!!

commodore_dude 12-04-2013 01:55 PM

It's absolutely unacceptable to have leaks in any modern vehicle that hasn't been abused (particularly with a hard top). Yet I've had two sprout up in the last year, both on the driver and passenger sides. The driver side one just started happening in the last few weeks and seems fairly straightforward (corresponds exactly to the few details publicly available for TSB 2301006, water coming in along the front edge of the door seal), but I still haven't been able to figure out why water is coming in through the blower on the passenger side. My cowl is perfectly clean, water drains right out when I pour any in there. If the dealer can't fix it, I might do what I swore I never would and trade it in on a new JK. I'm not going to goof it up with a bunch of non-factory weatherstripping or silicone.

The_Dealer 12-04-2013 02:30 PM

Ok, can you take better detailed pics for us? Its hard to tell what's going where. Here's what i gather: you put weatherstripping on the left and right of the cowl plate to seal it to the tub? You also put weatherstripping between the cowl plate and the hood? Did your rig not have the rubber weatherstrip between the hood and plate? Can u show pics of how you sealed where it screws close to the windshield frame?

Where was it leaking? Have you actually seen a drip? Im asking because 1) my rig is leaking, and 2) everyone just says their floor was wet, and their rig leaked. Mine is a random leak, sometimes it will leak, other times it won't. It leaks driving or parked, with a/c on or off. I also randomly get a drip of condensation on my leg from the floor vent when the a/c is on during the heat of the summer. Not enough to wet the carpet, but a slow drip(one drop every 10 minutes or so). My main concern is the leak which will drip from behind the passenger dash speaker. Its coming somewhere between the blower motor housing and the dash. When parked it drips down the side of the "kick panel", and runs under the floormat. Rarely does the top of the mat get wet, but rather the carpet underneath.

When I had the cowl off for a wiper motor replacement, there wasnt any trash in the vent, and the seal looked good, so I didnt mess with it. I had just bought the jeep, so I don't know if it was leaking before the wiper motor replacement. It doesn't leak every time it rains, and isn't noticably wet in the floor. But I get a mildew smell after it rains and I get in. Im positive of only one thing really. Its not the heater core. I have full doors, and it doesn't seem to be coming from the surrounds.

commodore_dude 12-05-2013 01:22 PM

The condensation leak you're talking about sounds like the A/C drain tube (it's probably clogged, and there's an updated part available that has an elbow in it rather than pointing straight forward out of the firewall so that it will still drain effectively while driving at speed - helped a friend with an older TJ fix that a couple of years ago), and the other leak sounds like the one I haven't been able to identify myself yet.

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