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scottmurray 12-04-2012 04:03 PM

NEW to jeep, just got a wrangler need new wheels
I want to throw a big set of tires on a set of 18" wheels with stock height (no lift) wondering the biggest tire size i could throw on or an ideal tire size. would it be better to put the tires on a set smaller than 18"?
Thanks in advanced

CarolinaBound 12-04-2012 06:13 PM

Lift wise: 31x10.50 is the largest you can go, and you'll get some rubbing at full turn but you can just add a washer on each side of the steering stop, or if you getting new wheels get ones with more backspacing. If you plan on disconnecting the swaybar you'll also have to extend your bumpstops so the rubber doesn't get cut up on your fenders when flexing. You could go with a 2 inch budgetboost and clear them though ($100 and two hours of work, if even)

Wheel size: Bigger the wheel, the more expensive tires are. And if you plan to wheel it and air down, your going to want more sidewall. Majority of the rigs here run 15x8 rims, gives a nice balance of rubber to wheel look wise and is function. Saves a boatload when you do get the bug to go up a tire size too.

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