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GoGetEm1994 12-04-2012 09:02 PM

What should I do with my Jeep
Hey I am looking to mainly off road at Wharton and other places in NJ.

As you can see by my Jeep profile, I have a 01 2.5L, 4.0 Cyclinder with 31's and no lift. Everything under the hood is stock.

I was hoping that you can give me some advice on what I should get/do to my Jeep to make it function pretty well at Wharton, I went there once and saw what my Jeep can do as is, and I know a bunch of you may say its fine how it is.

All I am asking for is for some parts or things I should do to my Jeep to make it perform better. Like should I get a lift or anything. I am about a 2 hour drive (200 mile round trip) to Wharton which sucks And my Jeep is my DD.

Also I want my Jeep to stand out in my town.

When I came back with it covered in mud, people were looking at me as if I was crazy in my town haha. To bad Wharton is the only place I know of that I can get muddy. Sucks its so far away.

I appreciate this a lot.

dennis461 12-11-2012 07:25 PM

keep the cost down
I was waiting for Wrangler owners to jump in...

Sounds like this is your daily driver.
So, stay away from big expensive lifts that need serious alignment work after install.

Maybe 2" at most.
Sometimes an extra inch keeps water off the floorboards.:redface:

Puddles sometimes stall vehicles if the air box is not right, check into that.

I'm not sure where the transmission vent is on the 01 model, anyone?

djwrangler 12-23-2012 07:28 PM

Lift it enough to clear the tires at full suspension flex without rubbing anything. Not sure on TJs but maybe an inch or two.

Make sure you have tow points front and rear and another vehicle with you to pull you out if you get stuck.

Lots of puddles in Wharton. As dennis461 said, look into extending your axle and transfer case breather lines up higher.

Don't go in water deeper than your radiator fan. You could damage it and/or the radiator.

Wharton is pretty easy. Most stock Jeeps do fine. The biggest thing is breaking down or getting stuck in mud or a deep puddle so have recovery equipment and basic tools handy.

Have fun!

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