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jeepchix 12-04-2012 11:35 PM

Coney Creek Friday?
Few open diff pals wanna do a fun goof run on cooney creek? Maybe Left hand canyon INCLUDING big mama(only reason I'd go there).
Few jeeps 1 or 2?

GSPup 12-05-2012 12:30 AM

Hate to break it to ya, but I went up middle st Vrain two weeks ago and there was more ice than wheeler lake. I actually slid of the trail on a 100 yard ice patch leaning down hill. That was about 1 mile in.

You might have better luck coming in the back side of coney from the reservoir?

First pic is one my buddy took 4 weeks ago at the water crossing on Coney.

The second one I took of my buddy who slid on some ice onto a rock on MSV. This was two weeks ago.

Why not hit chinaman for rocks? Small chance on snow.

jeepchix 12-05-2012 10:13 PM

Damn you ice!

Igrok 12-05-2012 10:56 PM

So there REALLY is a winter here!

GSPup 12-06-2012 12:05 AM


Originally Posted by Igrok
So there REALLY is a winter here!

Only in the shade haha

B4Real 12-06-2012 05:34 PM

I am in the Springs, but I am looking to go out tomorrow. Did you decide on a run?

jeepchix 12-06-2012 06:37 PM

B4 where would you like to go? Im in boulder but we could do a easy run

jeepchix 12-06-2012 07:11 PM

Those pictures look fun! Vrain road anyone?

B4Real 12-06-2012 10:02 PM


Originally Posted by jeepchix (Post 3075318)
B4 where would you like to go? Im in boulder but we could do a easy run

I was looking at China Wall, but I am open for suggestions.

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