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SXR311 12-05-2012 11:49 AM

Finally upgrading the TJ sound system.. opinions?
2000 TJ

Pretty much stock, but I do have a A/M JVC head unit.

I got tired of the stock speakers so I went looking and found some pretty good deals on some new 5.25's for up front, and 6.5s in the factory sound bar.

I also picked up a Pioneer downward firing 10" sub in the box already.

My question is how will these sound? And what AMP should I get.

I'm using a monoblock amp for the Pioneer sub. What about the front and sound bar speakers?

Focal 5.25 Polyglass up front and Focal Polyglass 6.5 in sound bar.

Dozer13JK 12-06-2012 03:26 PM

I'm running an Alpine MRP-F300 4 channel amplifier to power up four 6 1/2 Infinity speakers. Unbelievable amount of difference it made in how much louder and clearer the speakers now sound. Great price too. I think I picked up that amp for around $150.00.

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