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john142007 12-05-2012 06:40 PM

Newb Looking to Buy
Hi everyone! As my title implies, I am a newb looking to buy a Jeep. I would like to buy new, since I've heard that a lot of used one's have been used excessively (which I plan on doing with mine). I currently live in Tucson and I'm looking for any suggestions on dealer's located in AZ or surrounding states. Let's be honest, a trip to Florida would be worth picking up a Jeep. Also, I would welcome any advice you have to give (i.e. which model to buy, hardtop vs. soft top, etc.)! Thanks guys! :D


BigT 12-05-2012 09:02 PM

If you can afford it get a rubicon. It comes pretty much ready to crawl.

Beastmaster 12-05-2012 09:12 PM

I bought mine from Tucson Chrysler/Jeep on 22nd street. I'd recommend them over Jim Click.
I have a 4-door and I don't think you'd need anything other than a soft top for out lovely southern Arizona weather.

john142007 12-09-2012 01:36 PM

Awesome, thanks guys! I'll be making my way over there to test drive some as soon as I get back in town! ^_^

mcsunflower 12-23-2012 12:24 AM

I live south of Tucson and drove all the way to Airpark in n Scottsdale to buy mine. Got a smokin' deal, great service, and even saved money on sales tax. We shopped the dealerships in Tucson but just couldn't get the same kind of deal. I've also bought from Earnhardt's in Gilbert (several years ago) and was very happy there, too. Good luck!

AverageJK 12-30-2012 04:00 PM

Has anyone bought from Henry Brown in Casa Grande? The prices there are the best I've seen.

musicforme 01-25-2013 08:09 PM

Here is the strategy I used prior to placing my order earlier this week. I went to Jeep's web site and got the list of dealers in my area. I prepared a generic letter with what I wanted all of them to know, and then waited for them to call me. My phone started ringing 30 minutes later and didn't stop for a couple of days.

Below is what I wrote to them via their Contact Us web pages:

Please route this message to the Fleet Manager.

Good Afternoon Sir / Madam,

I'm in the early stages of being in the market to purchase a Jeep Rubicon Unlimited with Chrysler Affiliate pricing through my employer (Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold). I am very well informed regarding the additional holdback dealers receive when using the Chrysler Affiliate program. My preferences in color in order are white, black, or billet.

I'm looking to purchase a Jeep Rubicon Unlimited no more than 2% under invoice with minimal documentation fees with the following following options:

Invoice Price Option

32,941 Base Invoice Price (destination fee included)
85 DMF 4.10 Rear Axle Ratio
138 HAB Air Conditioning w/Auto Temp Control
432 AAJ Connectivity Group
441 CJ1 Supplemental Frt Seat Side Air Bags
223 JPM Heated Front Seats
356 MX5 Premium Black Sunrider Soft Top
1,001 DGJ Automatic Transmission
979 ALX9 (Black) ALXV (Saddle) Leather Trimmed Bucket Seats (no preference on color of leather trim)

I am not interested in any jeeps with a hard top, color painted fenders, or an upgraded radio. If you have a jeep that meets these minimum requirements and are agreeable to selling at no more than 2% under invoice, please contact me.

Best Regards,

I'm aware that some of the invoice costs have changed, but this method was very effective and I'm getting my Jeep for pretty darn close to 2% under invoice if you take their documentation fee into consideration.

clull05rubi 01-30-2013 11:41 PM

Never bought from henry brown but had my jeep serviced there once and they did a good job and the price wasnt overwhelming id recomend a hard top because of the weather. Driving in summer is hot and soft top doesnt hold ac very well and also gets annoying driving down highway at 70 mph in my opinion. But definetly get the rubicon if youre gona be crawling mostly. If you mostly wana play in mud go with sahara the gearing is too low in a rubicon for mud and the lockers only work in 4 low up to 10 mph so wouldnt be worth it but lets remember this is az plenty of crawlin not a lot of mudding

AverageJK 02-03-2013 12:01 AM

I ended up buying from Moore Jeep in Peoria.

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