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slippy 08-03-2008 06:49 PM

bump stops and hockey pucks and much much more
its been a long time coming but im finally going to install the suspension and adj. trackbars to my jeep this weekend. they are part of the dpg offroad ultiment kit. iv had the body lift and jks discos installed for some time now. i have questions tho about bumptops.

the bump stops were not on my vehicle when i bought it. so i went to the stealership and got some. surprisingly free, and surprisly used. whats a good way to clean them before i install them, without risk of dry rotting?

do i need hardware to install bumpstops or do they just plug in? i just have the rubber cone things(donkey D!@%$ as people in my jeep club call em), thats it.

in the pictures below i shoved a bumpstop and bumpstop+extension close to where they should be to check it out. i defintly dont need the extensions correct?

i measured from the top of my wheel to the inside of my fender and it was 7 1/4 inches. the bumpstop without the extension will be just a hair short...should i put a hockey puck in there or anything? i dont want to smash my fenders when im disconected.

lots of questions. hopefully lots of answers.

GrnTJ 08-03-2008 09:20 PM

They look pretty clean in the picture, why do they need cleaning? Id just wipe them down with a wet cloth or something if your really worried. They wont dry rot from that. Upi need hardware either, they just plug up into that cup. And no, it doesnt look like those extensions would make any sense. You look like you'll be stellar even without a puck. Id run it without anything in there first. Just flew it slow on something and hop out an check to be sure your not hitting the fender but I really think you'll be alright.

slippy 08-03-2008 09:49 PM

great. sounds like im good to go then.
thats actually the cleanest bumpstop. the rest are old and dirty as hell. cant complian too much i guess since there free tho. i just wanted to freshen them up sense there used and once there on my jeep i wont mess with em for a loooong time.

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