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sc0tt 12-10-2012 01:07 PM

98 Alternator Harness/Plug
Hi folks,
I replaced my alternator yesterday,(98 Wrangler 4.0) but in the process of removing the Alternator Harness/Plug from the old to be used with the new, two of the 4 connections that bolt/connect directly to the bottom of the alternator (bottom as mounted in vehicle) basically just crumbled from corrosion. The other end of this Harness/Plug connects to the engine block and then two other wires tie back into the rest of the engine wiring harness.

I can't purchase an aftermarket replacement for this anywhere. Chrysler said I'd have to purchase a complete under engine harness and put me on hold and then told me they can't even provide that if i wanted to go that route. Said it was discontinued or something to that effect.

Is salvage/used parts the only way to get this part? I'd really rather not have to purchase the entire engine wiring harness and my Google search results haven't really revealed any solutions.

I've included a picture of what I'm referring to as the Alternator/Harness. This photo is not from my vehicle but looks to be identical. The two 'squared edge' copperish connections protruding from the black box are the connections that disintegrated. Any tips would be appreciated.

sc0tt 02-17-2013 08:40 PM

For what it's worth, i cut the piece off and cut back the rubber insulating material on the two broken terminals and fashioned my own connections by crimping U shaped wire connectors to the exposed copper terminals. Works great.

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