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Edge Hawk 12-11-2012 01:42 PM

Huge Props to Mike Gardner and Adam's Jeep
I had 2 issues with my jeep last month, idler pulley making noise, and driver's side heat wasn't working right. 90* vs 140*

I took my jeep to the dealership I bought it from (not Adam's), they had this offroad shop there, so I went there first. They were cool, no issues with the pulley, but they said I'd have to go up the street to the main dealership for the heat, as they thought it could be casting sand in the heater core. Ok I thought, I already got part of the issues fixed, should have no issues. They had to schedule me in, so it was a few days before I could get it in to get looked at. In the mean time, the offroad shop there told me about a place to go offroading in MD (39.215414, -76.592281). It's a landfill site that's been covered up. Anyway, I went twice over that weekend and ended up going through this mud puddle that the offroad guy went through. Afterward, I took jeep to the carwash like I always do to clean it off after jeep and got some mud splashed up into the engine bay, not much, but after getting the idler pulley fixed, I want to make sure that getting water up there didn't make the new one go bad. And also, I knew they'd be working on the jeep, so I didn't want to get their bay dirty from my jeep.

So that week I got the call that they could fit me in to do this heater core flush. Then things went south. I called late in the day to see if they were done, and the service adviser said it was mud in the system. I'm going to skip over a lot of crap here, but they said the mud got into the radiator overflow and into the coolant and THAT'S what caused my problem. The fact that I had the heat issue from weeks before, and I have no idea when it really started cause it hadn't gotten cold enough to use the heat full blast until late Oct/early Nov. So they say, we can get the Chrysler rep to cover the radiator, but you have to cover the labor. WTF. The service adviser said stuff like the temp coming from the radiator was different on the sides and it should be a uniform temp. I said, "You are telling me that the input and output should be the same temp?" He said "Yes." I replied with I want to take my jeep somewhere else, because the purpose of a radiator is to have hot coolant go in, and cooler come out. I tell them that I want to take the jeep to get a second opinion and they tell me that if I do they'll flag my vehicle warranty and no other dealership will touch it. The service manager said "You talk too much, you need to shut up, pay the money ($330), and get your jeep back." I really couldn't risk having a jeep with 14,000 miles on it with a voided warranty. Now, some people, like myself call this extortion, and I'll address this later with chrysler. I also want to note that this dealership also replaced the AC fan motor back in July. It was making a jet screaming noise. I wonder if they did the repair and broke something with the heat box.

I let them do the repair and authorize the work. This was Thursday 11/29. The radiator was supposed to come the next day, it didn't come til Wednesday 12/5. I get a call on Thursday, they flushed the system, put new radiator in, but heat still doesn't work. And they said it needed a new heater core. He said that it would not be covered under warranty and it'd be about $1400. I let them know I'd pick up my jeep that night. When I picked it up, the notes on the repair work said I had submerged it, exceeded the offroad limits of the jeep.

I'd been in talks with Mike Gardner from this forum about if they could hold my vehicle and he told me to bring it to them and they'd look at it and give me the honest answer, good or bad. But when the other dealership threatened to flag my jeep, I couldn't risk that.

After getting my jeep back on 12/6, I took the jeep to Adam's jeep in Aberdeen the next morning. What a difference. The service writer came out to the jeep and looked it over (John), he actually knows stuff about jeeps, unlike previous service adviser who didn't even understand the theory behind a radiator. He looked inside my jeep, could see that water/mud had never gotten inside and that they'd seen this in other jeeps where a blend door got stuck or broke and wouldn't divert air properly to the driver's side.

I got a call today from John and he said they explained things to the Chrysler rep (same one that the other dealership talked too) and the rep had said he saw mud on the roof of the jeep. Duh, it's a jeep. Before the old service manager said, "he saw dirt in the whiskers in the door window, so they know I was in mud." I told them, "yeah, I had a roster tail up on the doors and like an idiot, I went to a drive thru and put my window down to order while it was dirty." (Note: I was totally upfront with both dealerships, I take this jeep offroad, both at ORV parks and camping out in western MD and at the beach. I also said I had photos and videos of what I've been through that shows I hadn't went through anything serious. He didn't want to see them or care about how muddy water can get sucked up into the radiator overflow.)

Anyway, Mike, John, Adam's Jeep, got the parts, labor, rental on order under warranty, and I'm thrilled to have found a dealership that understands jeepers, what the jeeps can and can't do, and what they are meant for.

Once this is all done and proven that the radiator had nothing to do with my pre-existing heat issue and offroading, I'll deal with this other dealership and look to get my money for labor & 4 days rental car money back.

But I can't say enough about the SERVICE from Adam's. Thanks, Mike and crew!

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