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soad334 12-13-2012 04:25 PM

Diff swap Dana 44
So I've got a rear 44 with a trac-loc 3.55 diff 30 spline, the spider gears are shot to hell and it's my daily driver. I'm on 33's so I know I need a better gear ratio. I've been doing some digging and found a couple rodeos that have a 44 rear end and 4.30 ratio 30 spline. If I disconnect the front drive train can I harvest the whole diff, ring and pinion for the rear and make it drivable again until I can upgrade the front end too? Is this something that is feasible with help from someone with a lot of experience?

4Jeepn 12-13-2012 04:29 PM

For the effort and time I would just spend the money to fix your spiders and then save up for your gear change.

Jerry Bransford 12-13-2012 04:32 PM

First, that Rodeo D44 won't bolt up to your TJ without a lot of fabricating work. Then if you're really just talking about moving its ring & pinion gears into your D44, I wouldn't. Especially if you're not doing the R&P installation yourself or don't have a lot of experience with that particular job. It is much (!) harder to set up used R&P gears than new gears and it's hard enough setting up brand-new gears properly.

If you have someone with "a lot of experience" installing ring & pinion gears it is feasible for them to get the used R&P gears installed but they may not like the process since used gears are far more demanding in how they are set up. That is because they are already work-hardened where the gear surfaces meshed together & you have to precisely match that pattern if you reinstall them.

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